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Speed Cameras by Sygic Review (Android GPS APP)

Discussion in 'Electronics' at netrider.net.au started by Nicholai_Chev, May 10, 2016.

  1. For the past year I've been experimenting with the best navigation setup from generic windowsCE gps units, google maps, CoPilot to high end motorcycle TomTom units. After much mucking around I've finally settled on a setup which I feel is most ideal for my needs.

    Mounting wise I opted to go with a generic RAM mount to use with a waterproof Sony Z3 compact which could be bolted firmly onto the bars using the clutch lever bolts. This provided much better visibility compared to the tank bag I used previously and helped cleaned cables which I had running from under the seat and into the bag. Its been very stable, able to charge the phone and touch wood hasn't let go!

    After playing with multiple software packages I settled on 'Speed Cameras by Sygic' which comes in both a free and $5 premium version which adds speed limits and a dashcam. It has 4 main modes: Basic Speed and limit, dashcam, speed cameras and lastly Navigation/Livemap using the google map engine.
    As google maps now supports offline mode, you can now use the device offline for 30 days and have almost statewide coverage.

    20160510192408. 20160510192400.
    20160510192309. 20160510192348.

    Being lazy and unwilling to launch the program everytime I ride and enable bluetooth manually to get the Sena working I purchased a few NTAG203 NFC stickers and programmed them with NFC tools to do it once the phone is placed in the cradle. Even through the rubber case it only takes a second for it to detect and configure the phone saving minutes each trip.

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