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Speed Cameras - again...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by booga, Nov 25, 2005.

  1. Ok,

    Was just driving around in the north western suburbs between clients and got a flash from an oncoming motorist... but saw nothing for a while, till the only car on the side of the road, facing me, was a comodore.

    But this comodore had the number plate lowered or gone (cant remember now, but think it was lowered, and what looks like a solar panel behind it. Now this wasn't one of those obvious rectangle boxes strapped to the bumper bar, it was like inside the bumper bar...

    Anyone have confirmation that this was a speed camera, or was the number plate just missing, and i'm a blind bat :D

  2. good thing you got such a fantastic mental image of that commodores front bumper. it'd be so boring if you only had to watch the road - how nice of the govt to dot the city with little surprises like that to break the monotony of concentrating on your traffic situation. :roll:
  3. dont worry if it was a camera the car concerned was illegal as its plates were not clearly visable therefore shouldnt be on the road so any fines issued from this car would also be illegal
  4. Doubt wheather they would recess the equipment into the bumper. They cannot drive with the equipment attached, i'd imagine the risk of it being hit by bugs/rocks/rocket launchers would be quite costly.

    I look at the passenger seat of cars that are parked on their own, usually you can see the camera sitting on the dash.

    As for the cameras with a flash, you will see the "umbillical cord" hanging out of the boot of the car. This is the power cable from the battery to the flash.
  5. bikes wouldnt have anything to worry about anyways.. unless u have
    plates on the front of your bike :LOL:
  6. Well they are constantly talkin about bring this regulation in....can you imagine the outcry if it became law! I just would refuse to do it :p
  7. Kurt, just concentrate on 'playing yourself in' with that shiny new toy of yours and stop gawking around at crummydores parked on the side of the road :LOL:

    It will the one that you DON'T see that will get you if you are doing anything wrong...
  8. True... but if I notice 100 camera cars before I miss one and you notice 25 then (assuming similar riding habits...) you'll get booked before me :wink:
  9. That's a fair comment, but since I have only been booked once on a bike, I guess my riding habits are a little more conservative than others' :D
  10. Well I would if it stopped BLOODY raining :x

    I was going to putt around in a vacant area this weekend and get some practice, but I have bald tyres, no experience on the bike and no insurance as I'm not exactly legal to ride it yet, so I don't think riding in the rain would be a good idea...