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Speed Camera Toppled in WA.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by robsalvv, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. For Your Info:


    Thieves cut down red-light camera

    Luke Eliot, The West Australian December 11, 2012, 7:11 am

    Police believe thieves used machinery to cut through a metal pole and steal a speed and red-light camera from a busy Cottesloe intersection.

    The camera, valued at $50,000, was at the intersection of Eric Street and Stirling Highway and was used to detect vehicles driving through a red light or speeding through the intersection.
    Police believe the thief must have used machinery to cut through the pole the camera was mounted on to steal the device some time on Saturday.

    Images of vehicles caught speeding or running a red light are instantly sent to a central processing site.

    "If this is an attempt to get out of an infringement then they are sadly misguided," a WA Police spokeswoman said yesterday.

    Officers are looking through images sent by the device in a bid to narrow down when the camera was taken.

    It is understood the camera would be of no use once removed from the pole.

    Police have urged anyone with information about the theft to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.
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  2. I think that was the purpose. :wtf:
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  3. oh i dunno... i think it'd be highly useful and valued as a pinyata or form of stress relief.

    or you could use it as a genuine road safety device and set it up in plain view near a dodgy black spot intersection rather than the bottom of a hill on a straight... wouldn't be the first time road safety had to be taken away from govt departments to do something useful... (smidsy)
  4. $50,000? Whoever charged 'em that is laughing all the way to the bank on that one.
  5. they were planning to flog it for $500 before. But now they know its true value, they can get a few extra grand out of it :applause:
  6. Also with the claim it won't work… aren't they off the shelf DSLRs with some special attachments?
  7. Nope they are electronic and send data to the ether.
    Some of the older ones were film cameras but not many if any of those are left.
  8. We'll sell it back to you lot for 25K.
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  9. Many years ago the Melbourne Channel 10 crime reporter saw an amphometer strip on the road while he was doing Warp 5 and managed to rip it out of the road under max braking. The police car up the road coincidentally got an urgent call which took him away from the scene so Rex casually rolled up the sensor cable and stowed it in the boot for later examination ;)

    Weeks later at a police function he was chatting to the Commissioner (Traffic) over a coffee and casually enquired the value of such things. On being told $10,000, he asked if VicPol wanted to buy it back at a bargain price :D
  10. Coincidentally, last that I heard Rex was crime reporter for a Perth TV station........
  11. PatB, what have you been up to.
  12. And the revolution begins .outstanding :)
  13. Just watching Cool Hand Luke again :whistle:.
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  14. Ya dreamin' :p
  15. Brings back memories.....Some time in the late 70s I was done by an amphometer while riding my Ducati 860 GTS down Tuggeranong Parkway in Canberra. Very pissed off, I went home, hopped on the XT500 and made my way through the bush to where the rubber strips were placed across the road, out of sight of the cop car which was hiding over the brow of the hill. I cut the black box off the rubber, then severed the cable connecting it to the cop car and took it home.
    A couple of nights later I'd had a couple of beers at a Canberra District Ducati Club meeting and was bragging about my exploit to one of the members. He didn't seem very impressed and one of my mates later told me he was a currently serving ACT police officer! Good bloke, he didn't take it any further.
  16. That is gold. Why would they want a camera...
  17. They don't want the camera that's the whole point!
  18. If only it would happen in Victoria. Especially on the Hume. Good job whoever did it.
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  19. Good point. I was more looking at the "Theft" side rather then the "Removed"

    Thought, makes you wonder if they actually have plans for what to do with it now they have it in their possession. (Unless it has just been burnt or something)