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VIC Speed Camera tolerance reduced from 3% to 2%?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by adprom, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. Is it me, or has the speed camera tolerance changed?

    Here are two offence notices, weeks apart and they show a different tolerance margin...

    Have I just noticed a dodgy being done?

    P.S. No, they aren't mine. Well one is, the other isn't.

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  2. Mobile Camera: 3km at <100 and 3% at >100
    Fixed camera or cop: 2km at <100 or 2% at >100.

    No it hasn't changed recently. When it was dropped from 10% the government only released to "3%" line to the media so that's what everyone thinks but it doesn't apply across the board. :)
  3. Actually, now that I remember... If you read the tickets carefully, they will explain what I just said.
  4. Nah, not that I can see anyway and I have read them a few times :p
  5. greedy bastards.
    little wonder there are so many unlicenced drivers around.
  6. But...but...but...I've been led to believe that these camera's are more accurate than a Rolex. I just thank the state of NSW for saving my life by booking me for 71 in a 70 zone. I was out of control and I could've killed someone, or worse, a kitten!
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  7. This is different to the 3km/h tolerance they talk of though. The tolerance means you cannot get fined for an alleged 63 in a 60 zone whereas camera error is just 2 or 3 km/h knocked of the top of the detected speed.
  8. Interestingly, I've seen quotes from an as-yet unreleased MUARC paper* that concluded that fixed cameras in Victoria have saved less than one life since being introduced.
    (*I wouldn't expect it to be released any time soon, though).
  9. Just imagine if we got our hands on that report...
  10. It would be in their library.
  11. I had assumed that - That said, has anyone been done in a 60 zone for example, with 64 detected and 61 alleged?
  12. Fair enough, was just the wording I was questioning.
  13. Yeah - I hadn't even covered that situation. Regardless, if I had googled in the first place, this thread wouldn't exist lol
  14. wow victoria has an entire website dedicated to pro speed camera propaganda.
  15. It clearly is just a revenue making scheme.
    I can think of many scenarios where speed may save your life not end it.
    Speed doesn't kill. Wreckless, incompetent drivers kill.
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  16. It never ceases to amaze me how an entire State, with so many 100's of thousands of people pissed off at Speed Cameras, the constant Lies from the Police and Government about how Speed Cameras are saving countless lives. People losing there License for some being a tiny amount over a the limit, how many people have lost there Jobs and then in turn lost there career or worse (Lost there House for example because of losing there Job)

    And yet no one ever seems to be doing anything to fight back, no civil disobedience, no serious Protests.

    If this was the UK or France, there would be Clogged roads, Speed Cameras on fire, you would almost expect Riots in the Streets.

    The most that ever seems to happen is some people complaining on some Forums, and the odd annoyed letter to the Editor of a couple of Papers.

    I drove through Victoria about 2 years ago and was constantly stressed trying to ensure I didn't step over the speed limit, you have to spend more time watching your Speedo than the road. Surely there is enough pissed off people there to start a Movement against the lies and the Bullshit. I couldn't wait to leave the State just to stop worrying about have to watch my speedo every few seconds.

    Victoria, nice place to visit, but you wouldn't want to Drive there.
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  17. Well, um, there were speed cameras in UK, i do believe with an enforcement practise entitled operation Victoria. You make of that what you will. it seems speed cameras in uk have largely been the focus of negative criticism with regard to results though.

    France is a different case. The government doesn't really care about road rules and the police don't enforce them. They just want to fine british drivers.
  18. It has worked to some extent in NSW, however, with some cameras being turned off. So, the general unrest has had some impact.
    The biggest outcry I've heard is for a call to turn one back on at Clunes in Northern NSW.

    Edit: That Clunes camera raised $1.2 million last financial year. Expect rego and licensing costs to go up if they lose revenue from speed cameras.