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VIC Speed Camera Ticket on P's?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by thetrumpetplayer, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    I have this fear I went through a construction zone speed camera on Flemington Rd today (normally a 60kmh zone, currently a 40kmh zone) at about 49kmh.

    1) What are my odds of getting a ticket?
    2) What is the penalty for that kind of 9kmh over offense on full driver/provisional motorcyclist license?

  2. From what I understand in nsw there usually a 9kph tolerance for speedo and speed camera errors. Most speedos are set 5kph faster than what your really traveling so you should be okay.

    My partner who was caught speeding on her bike on her red p, automatically lost her bike license for 3 months. She thought she would also lose her drivers but when she went to get a driving record, she had only lost her bike license.
  3. In VIC here, as I'm on full drivers license, there's only 'red' P and no green one. I don't mind a fine, but suspension will kill me as it's my only vehicle.

    How fast was your partner doing to qualify a 3 month ban?
  4. In nsw it doesn't matter. Any speeding offenses on your l or p plate is automatically a suspension from the rta
  5. good chance of a ticket. think they take 3k off so looks like 46 max. depends how far out your speedo is.
  6. How can you be on your full drivers licence but on your P's for the bike?

    In VIC, if you have a full licence and you get off your L's on the bike you still have a full licence. For the first 12 months you have restrictions while riding the bike but you're not a P plater.

    Less than 10kph over the speed limit is 1 point, unless you've already accrued some you'll be fine.
  7. i lost my licence be4 as well wen i was on Ps... lost all my points :(
  8. Yeah that is how I understand it, you are still treated in this scenario as a fully licensed rider if you have your full car license but are still on "restrictions", you are not actually a "P" plater, hence why you don't have to display the p plate..
  9. Was it a fixed or mobile camera?
  10. That's a relief
  11. Fixed. It's always been there. It's a 60 zone, but the construction of the new children's hospital means it's a 40 zone. Big sign earlier that said "Construction Speed Limits Enforced" - I don't know if they are able to recalibrate the 60 camera for the temporary 40 zoning.
  12. Are you talking about this intersection?

    I'm pretty sure it is still set to 60km/hr. I have seen cars go through it at 50 without a flash at night time...mainly taxis. But I could be wrong.
  13. In Sydney I remember when they were building the Lane Cove Tunnel, they set the camera to 40. Despite the signs being very obvious, so many people got booked and complained that they ended up nullifying all the fines. It was a big news story for a couple days, I don't think the RTA would risk changing a fixed camera in a construction zone here again because of all the negative press they got.
  14. Yep, that's the one. It was broad daylight, no flash seen, but I still would like to avoid any such ticket.
  15. Ahh yes that dreaded tunnel. It only took 15 years of whinging for that tunnel to happen. I remember it well.
  16. Yeah you should be fine. The construction ends at that intersection anyway doesn't it? so technically it's 60 onwards from there...unless the "End Road Works" sign is on the other side of the intersection.
  17. Probationary or not the penalty is the same in victoria.
  18. I wouldn't worry about the construction zone limit but I think one of the cameras on Flem road varies with the school zone near royal parade...