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Speed camera sans bike

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by wokwon, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. [​IMG]

    From The Daily What

    A speed camera caught Swiss motorcyclist Boris Maier doing 108 in a 80km/h zone. Local police say Maier likely lost control of his vehicle as he attempted to slow down after noticing the “traffic control measure.”

    He has been fined for speeding, but will get to keep his license. However, for his own safety, police have asked Maier to stay off the road.
  2. 'police have asked Maier to stay off the road'

    I agree, that looks far too painful, he should stay on his bike :LOL:
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  3. Who was speeding, him or the bike?
  4. "I decline to pay this fine on the grounds I was not operating said vehicle at the time of the fine"
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  5. You should be representing everyone here
  6. I'd be asking the officer if he could just let the matter slide...
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  7. Technically speaking, fair point!!
  8. 3 weeks later... Fine for not being in control of a motor vehicle for twice the price :p
  9. Surely a provision of that rule is that you actually had to be riding the bike in the first place?
  10. Good point... argue that the bike just happened to slide down the road the same time you were in unrelated circumstances ;)
  11. You were chasing after a thief when you activated the 'go-go-gadget telescopic arm', pushing the thief off the bike and inadvertently tripping yourself up at the same time...

    What judge wouldn't buy that...???
  12. ive got experience in this matter,

    appealed a fine for crossing white lines, as i had also received one for failing to maintain control of the vehicle (aquaplaned into oncoming traffic in a cage a while ago) they refused to squash it, although all the legal aid (from the police themselves and their aid) say i should have taken it to court as it was double booking for the same offence
  13. Hows this for a defence...

    "Sorry I have no idea who's bike that was, I was just trying to get out of its way as I was walking down the road in my riding leathers"
  14. There's an arguement for not wearing ATGATT all the time - in the fairly likely event that you come off your bike while speeding and get snapped by a speed camera, you could then say that you were merely walking down the road, breaking in your new helmet (which is, of course, for track days in your prius) when this ****ing motorcycling temporary australian hoon comes flying down the road (he is off camera) and you had to powerslide yourself out of the way so that you weren't killed and that is why you were in the photo...

    The fact that the bike in question is yours is obviously a coincidence.
  15. Now I know I dropped a contact just here somewhere . . . WTF!?
  16. hahahahah i like that one :)