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Speed Camera & Red Light Camera Locations - March 07

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Woodsy, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. Morning girls and boys, i've just recived an e-mail with speed and red light locations around Vic (seems legit), It's in PDF if any one has somewhere to host a PDF document on the net (photobucket dosent host PDF) i can e-mail it to them so all can have access.

  2. If it doesn't list a speed camera 405-410 klicks east of Melbourne on the Princes Hwy, pencil it in!

    Take it from me, it's there...
  3. Nearest town????
  4. Found it i think

    Princes Hwy between 444k and 446k posts
  5. oh i keep that in mine thanks :p
  6. Apart from the km reference, the ticket referred to Manorina. As far as I can see, this is a postcode in search of a town (ie it's a mail delivery district).

    But it's out Erinundra way.
  7. Isn't this informations supposed to be officially available on the Vicroads website? (better go and have a look I suppose...)
  8. Excellent PVDA, thats the ones.

    Wonder if i can program the GPS to beep at me when i get near them. Hmmmm.
  9. GPSes which support "Custom POI data" (Point of Interest) can load in camera location data, speed limit changes, etc - newer Garmins, etc..

    There is a 'hand compiled' custom POI package for the speed cameras on the internet somewhere, too..
  10. My TomTom has all the Fixed Red/Speed Cameras in Adelaide in it, and I have it set to warn me 250m before I get there.

    Found a speed camera on a pedestrian crossing today, that I never knew was there.

    Comes in very handy


  11. Ditto pretty much. I've been grabbing a ton of POIs lately for my TomTom Rider. Much love for it. http://www.ozpoi.com/Downloads.html is handy :) Some more ones also I have used are:

    http://checkpoint.oabsoftware.nl/ (handy to give a warning)
  12. in my gregory's street directory it has all the cameras listed in it. shows all in sydney and newcastle. well all the ones before they released it.
  13. Ah, the nice advantage of the GPS is it can be updated on a regular basis and the 'warning beep/sound' is always appreciated as well :wink: Not that we actually do speed, it's just in case we actually go over the limit by accident and the warning just lets us know to make sure we're still under the speed limit :grin:
  14. I got a lot of Custom POI's from that place as well.

    Also some nice people at TomTom have helped me out too.

    These days im also making up my own custom POI's with pics etc etc.

    Comes in very handy for sure.