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Speed Camera Question

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by DeepWater, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. Question...i was driving my car around wollongong today, i ate at a placed called something like Laverdi, it's a fish a chip shop at some bay where there is a wharf and people park a few boats (anyone know where im talkin about?).

    any way, i was heading home and was talking and i went past a fixed speed camera, which was on the other side of the road, my question is, can you get booked front on, as i saw the flash go off and noticed i was doing 70ish in a 60, but there was cars going through on the other side, so im not sure if it was me or them. anyone know the speed camera im talking about? if so, does it take photos of on coming traffic??

  2. If it has an orange lens, it will take both sides. If it has a clear lens, it only takes the side that the camera is on. Look at the road and you should be able to see three strips in the road. Good Luck hope you don't get a fine.
  3. You were doing 70-ish in a 60 zone, start saving to fill the guvmint coffers :) +1 with the above.
  4. hmmmz, didnt really see the lens as i didnt notice the camera till it flashed, too busy talking to find out where we should of been turning off, :evil:

    im hoping it was only one way, mainly cause i was driving my brothers company car ('06 wrx), pehaps if anyone lives around wollongong way and by some luck know where im actually talking about, could shed some light to advise if it is both or single way.
  5. it does both dave !
    I know the one your talking about.
  6. farkkkkkkkk micky, why be telling a brother that !!

    im pretty sure i was only doing 70ish :oops:

    are you 100% though micky we are talking about the same one, im pretty sure it was the first one i came accross going on that road, then there are like 2 after on the same road.,

    i was looking at http://www.wollongong.nsw.gov.au/

    and its shows....

    Speed Camera Locations

    Speed Camera locations in the Wollongong LGA are as follows

    * Northcliffe Drive, Warrawong
    * Northern Distributor, Corrimal (Northbound)
    * Northern Distributor, Corrimal (Southbound)
    * Princes Highway, Bulli (Northbound)
    * Princes Highway, Bulli (Southbound)
    * Princes Highway, North Wollongong
    * Princes Highway, West Wollongong (Trial)
    * Southern Freeway, Gwynneville (Northbound)
    * Southern Freeway, Gwynneville (Southbound)

    im just not sure which of the ones it was that got me, but by my luck, it has to be the one that does both !! :(

    hopefully it was outta film, :LOL:
  7. dude, i dunno if its the same one or not but I did the exact same thing last year at wollongong, didnt end up getting a fine but.... from memory there was a side street and a footbridge or somesuch crap near it?
  8. ummm, dont believe so mate, though there could of been, i dont know the area and wasnt paying that much attention to the surroundings
  9. ...okay so you were not paying attention to your surroundings, too busy talking to a passenger, driving someone else's car, speeding, how was lunch? :wink:
  10. acutally, lunch was pretty crap, LOL

    but the main reason we were down the coast is to go to the beach, which we did pior to all this and that was good, so was the drive through the RNP and the rally driving through the grave & grass car park, ;) :LOL:
  11. It's only a weeks worth of stressing ;)
  12. hahahaha, yeah i know !

    ive just been doing some searches on where is and i THINK, it was the Princes Highway, North Wollongong speed camera...what are the chances of getting done by like the only multi-directional speed camera in Wollongong...lol
  13. It is my understanding that the ones with the flash are NOT setup to work both ways, only the infrared ones - otherwise they would be blinding at night.

    Also, in NSW they have to display 3 warning signs before the camera.

    And i dont know if this is still the case, but i know that they used to be setup with a tolerance of 10% + 3klms so you would have to be doing more than 69k's in a 60 to get a fine
  14. The north wollongong camera isn't mulitdirectional. I ride past it everyday pretty fast it only captures the people coming down from fariy meadow to north wollongong not the other way round.
  15. lol well you cant get a fine coz you dont have a number plate on the front
  16. your brothers boos wont be impressed if the car is registered in the companies name as the fine will be for $650 if you choose to pay the $650 you will not lose any points if you get named as the driver at the time the fine will drop to $130 and you will lose 2 points so if you have the cash i'd get your brother to talk to his boss and arrange to pay the $650... if the fine comes through that is