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NSW Speed Camera photo site

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by UDLOSE, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Yesterday the SDO added this feature to their site.


    Check it out, i'm famous (aswell as incredibly stupid for managing to get caught out by one of these things :LOL: )
  2. Ah, buggerz :(

    You didn't happen to be at RW on saturday did you? Bike looks familiar
  3. about friggen time.

    would have saved me money and time when a mate went flying through a school zone on my bike last year :LOL:
  4. Haha that sucks, what did your speedo say, they're supposed to give 10% leeway cause no speedo is 100% spot on. That looks funny but. Somethin worth printing off and showing the mates.
  5. #5 K!rkinpuzel, Sep 3, 2008
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    Seriously? I normally try to do about 5 kph less than the speed limit where the cameras are, cause I thought that the incaccuracy thingie only applied at 100+ kph (not verified).

    UDLOSE, I've got a cibby 900 too. Gutless piece of junk. But the farts during engine braking are awesome :)
  6. My mum has a few police as clients and they tell her (maybe different for fixed cameras), that they usually let off people with 10% on top of the speed limit. Say if your doing 55 in 50 zone, most likely they wont do anything, or 110 in 100. This is because the police use to have WRX police cars years back and there speedo's were out by 10kays and they ended up refunding $millions of fines during that period.

    Im same but, i always go 5-10kays lower when passing cameras.
  7. the thing is this is so people can say they weren't in the car at the time. dont know how that helps bikes, with helmets on. :LOL:
  8. I thought speedo's are required to have a +0%, -5% error.
    I know when my speedo says 100kph, I'm doing 95kph (from my GPS).
  9. The ADR requirement was, at least until recently, +-10%. There were moves afoot to alter this to +10% -0% (that is, it can't read low) to (a) eliminate speedo inaccuracy as a defence in speeding cases and (b) to formally recognise that the overwhelming majority of speedos fall into this bracket.

    I dunno if the change has actually happened yet though.
  10. Don't know about the other states but here in Victoria the ADR's give +- 10% but the camera's are only got a 3km/h tolerance officially, unofficially I hear that tolerance has been known to vary a little bit to favour motorists but you'll never hear anyone admit it.
  11. My speedo said 75. I thought i'd gone passed it then sped up and saw the camera and jumped on the brakes.

    Lol, I look like 150kgs in the pic. I had 2 pairs of clothes, plus my armoured jacket, plus my rain gear over the top.

    Yeh Phiz, I was at RW on sunday.
  12. ADRs are national, being Australian Design Rules rather than Victorian Design Rules. :)

    Victoria's blanket speed tolerance is +3kph, but they also deduct 2-3kph from your measured speed to eliminate the known tolerance-error of the speed measuring device (actual deduction depends on the type of device doing the measurement).

    So all up, closer to 5-6kph tolerance in Victoria.
  13. i dnno how those cameras be able to detect your number plate wen i cant even see it with my eyes.