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Speed Camera Operator flashes motorist "blocking"

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by mjt57, Nov 4, 2005.

  1. Listening to Jon Faine's show on ABC Melbourne 774 a talkback caller just rung in to say how a speed camera operator manually flashed him when he was doing 25 km/h. It happened after he received a call on his mobile and pulled over to take the call. While on the phone, he noticed a car behind him flashing his headlights. He then realised that it was a speed camera operator, and then he moved off. The camera then flashed while he was doing only 25 kmh.

    He turned around and went back to discuss this with the operator. He was told that he was "flashed" because he was blocking the operation of the camera and that this was a fine. The fellow said that the operator refused to give his ID so he took down the car rego. He also said that the fellow himself was breaking the law because he was obstructing a driveway. The fellow who owns the house actually came out and said that he saw what was happenening and would back the driver.

    The driver said that he didn't know that there was a speed camera there (and why should he - the car was unmarked with a disguised speed camera) and that when he realised that it was there, he moved off.

    After that, Jon Faine got a few SMSes on this, with one wit saying that the fellow was a moron and should get a life. Naturally, that particular fellow has NEVER, EVER had any sort of motoring fine....

    Another SMS said that speed camera operators flash drivers using his mobile. This person obviously wasn't listening as the driver had pulled over and was stationary when he took the call. Another said that the operators flashed drivers to "scare" them.

    Obviously these SMS'ers were simply sending their opinions on what camera operators do. No verification of the validity of the comments, etc.

    Anyway, the guy's gonna challenge it. If he's telling the truth, I hope that the operator gets a reaming...
  2. A camera always sets up directly out the front of a mates house i know...

    Everytime its there we all stand out the front and stare him down. Wave down other cars and point at the camera etc. Numerous times we've been told they're gonna push the button and have us "arrested" but when we laugh hysterrically at them they generally realise we know they cant do much but move on if they're annoyed with us...
  3. In vic camera operators are private operators and have no legal jurisdiction at all.
    They cannot threaten people with the law but they can call police if they feel threatened.
    If they are parked then you are allowed to park your car in front of them and they have fcukall legal recourese to do anything but move on to another loication.
    They are not allowed to block driveways or to set up and then occupy several car parks.
  4. Shows they don't give a rats about slowing people down - you and your mates are doing a fine job of reducing people's speed, but that doesn't help the camera operator meet his revenue quota. :evil:
  5. Make a "SMILE FOR THE CAMERA!" sign, and stick it 50 metres down the road from him. If you make him move he just sets up somewhere else and books people, if you plant a sign, he only books the blind and the stupid :)

  6. Come to think of it we really need more things to do in Adelaide... My mates and I do some strange things to pass the time by!! :LOL: :p
  7. Now that's REALLY YOUR RIGHTS, AT WORK!!!

    In NSW the cops operate the car-mounted radars, but are required by law to have a sign on the road warning motorists of their presence. So these paragons of virtue put the sign on the OPPOSITE side to the side they are policing, AND AFTER the camera car.

    I'm amazed no-one has legally challenged this blatant contempt for a law which is specifically targetted at the Police, not the motorist......
  8. They (the camera operator) has no recourse, but the police do. It is illegal to knowingly obstruct a speed camera, and an operator will take a photo and the police will possibly issue a fine.
  9. Why?
    What law have you actually broken?
    Show me the statute.
    I am asking this because i have done it countless times.
    If the fcukers are using up potential parking space I will use it and bugger them
  10. AFAIK it's illegal to obstruct a fixed speed camera but if you park in front of one operated by a private operator it's the private operators responsibility to move on.
  11. what if its one of those old box style on the ground cameras and you happen to need the space its occupying but somehow it ends up squished under your car wheel.
  12. Wierd, we're both haveing the same little dream fantasies :LOL:
    Have you been making strange mountain shapes out of your mashed spud as well? :LOL:
  13. That would be a fairly easy get-off I'd wager - Vic camera operators are not required to signal their presence, so a motorist could easily claim they were not aware of the camera operator (esp stealth ones). In addition, it would be unreasonable to expect a motorist to know what field of vision a camera requires to operate. I'd say short of throwing a bucket of paint over the camera or windscreen, it would be hard to charge someone for parking legally near a camera - I doubt a camera operator would have the right to restrict public amenity.

    Anyway, it's all a rort.

  14. The box is the flash unit, the camera is in the car, NOW if you had a semi and accidantally reversed into the car and ovger th top of it THAT would be funny.
  15. Reminds me of a story from WA.

    Apparently they used to use a helicopter to book the trucks on the Nullabor and used to land the chopper on the road to stop the truck until a truck didn't stop one day and cleaned up the egg beater.

    Truth or Urban Myth???
  16. I don't know about that but I do know that out in the Western Districts of Victoria when they first used aircraft to time cars between those lines painted on the road and then radio the speed to the cops waiting up ahead, some local lads painted one line out and repainted it about 20% closer. :LOL:

    There were an awful lot of speeding tickets issued and much embarassment all round when it was discovered. :LOL: :LOL:

  17. Well that is the reason the cops stopped testing people for motorbike licenses by sending you around the block and telling you they'll jump out randomly and you'll have to do an emergency stop... My mates dad got his license that way and read in the paper the next week a instructor/cop got run over jumping out infront of the wrong bike... :p
  18. That's what this guy was saying on the radio. It was night and he pulled over to answer his phone.

    As the vehicle was behind him (it was a small 4WD, probably a Terios or similar to what I've seen them use), so he didn't spot it as a camera car, which, obviously, is the intention of the use of such vehicles. He was yakking on the phone so he may not have noticed the guy flashing him, at first, presumably with the 4WD's headlights, not the camera. It's only when he realised where he was and what this guy was trying to tell him, that he moved off, THEN got the speed camera flash, which he returned to ask what it was about.

    Anyway, the fellow will have a nervous wait for the letter to come in the mail. He'll then have the usual process to challenge it or to request that it be withdrawn. If not withdrawn, then it's up to him whether he wants to take time off work to challenge it in court, with the possible risk of the beak not giving a stuff about the circumstances.
  19. I don't have the time to look it up for you. You'll either have to take my word for it, look it up yourself, or choose to disregard what I said.