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Speed camera operator booked (Victoria)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by incitatus, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. "Police Chief Commissioner Christine Nixon today confirmed a Tenix Solutions camera operator would be booked after allegedly parking his camera car illegally for several hours in a suburban bus stop."



  2. Thats great, now, how about they book the ones that park up on the nature strips out front of houses etc.
    Ones along Pascoe Vale road leave no room for anybody that may be in a wheelchair or with a pram to pass berween the car and fence. Not only that, but owners of houses have to try to reverse into heavy traffic out of their driveways while trying to look through a car illegally parked. </rant>
  3. That's good but are they also going to cancel all the fines issued by the illegally parked camera. Daresay Tenix could easily afford to pay out a few parking fines without eating into the profits too much.
  4. If Christine Nixon didn't wanted us to avoid fatigue she should do something about the ridiculous speed limits on our wide, straight, BORING freeways. Hell, there's sections of the Hume where one could fall asleep for 10 minutes and not run off the road. :p
  5. NO. Only 3 people were caught while he was parked illegally but they said the fines will not be withdrawn .
  6. So they can break the law to catch others breaking the law, that sucks big time :roll: :shock:
  7. Reversing out of your driveway into traffic?????

    I think you'll find that it is actually illegale to reverse into the roadway.

    I'm happy to be corrected, I'm at work and on dial up so can't be arsed waiting for pages to load.
  8. The channel 7 news coverage was good to watch.

    They parked one of their white holden commodore wagons in the same spot. And went on about how the camera operator parked in an illegal way. There footage also had a bus trying to let off passengers, but had to park further down the road because their car was parked in the bus spot.

    Just seemed a little weird listening to them go on about something that they were also doing.

    they also mentioned that traffic operators are allowed to park on nature strips, medium strips etc. (They're exempt from those laws)

  9. It's illegal to reverse across a roadway, not into one. How else do cars get out of angled parking otherwise?

    You're allowed to reverse out of a driveway or parking bay into the closest lane. You're just not allowed to cross lanes when reversing.
  10. And you're not allowed to reverse out of centre parking.

  11. unless you have endless visibility and low traffic, I think you might find that this is the reason most angled spots have 'rear to curb' stamped on them. Doesn't stop the freaks in kingsford from nosing in all the time and then running over cyclists in their haste to get out again
  12. And the operator will pay the fine, not the company...
  13. must be a Sydney thing, in Vic if you "rear to curb" your facing against the traffic when you pull out.
  14. syd doesn't have much parking in the centre of the street
  15. Must be a NSW thing, never come across an angle park in Victoria that isn't the "nose-first" variety. Similarly I've never seen anyone other than tourists reverse parallel park.
  16. Yeah, it's a NSW thing.

    Here in Victoria, angled parking involves driving directly into the angled park. There is no reversing involved, and it is always front to curb. Cars therefore have to reverse out into the oncoming traffic. The person pulling out has to give way. However, there is a corresponding road rule that states that when someone is already involved in reversing out that the cars behind have to give way, not that anyone actually does so. So basically the guy in the park waits for a break in traffic, starts to pull out, and if anyone happens across him while he's pulling out, they're meant to give way. Just common courtesy that is often lost in modern road warfare.
  17. Yeah that only seems to happen if the oncoming car wants their parking space.
  18. perhaps we have a problem in semantics.

    btw, how the hell does one NOT reverse parallel park? You pull up to get into a spot, then do a handbrake turn spinning 180 deg to face the traffic and then try to get into the spot?

    Trying to get into parallel parks forwards is a u-beaut way of hitting the car in front and behind because you need to go forward and back 58 dozen times because the steering doesn't let you park that way (or else you only ever park in spots that could house a semi trailer, two cars and a safari of african pygmy caravans)
  19. I've never had any trouble parallel parking nose first, usually only have to reverse once to ensure I've got enough room to get out later. Probably wouldn't be so easy with a large car or small parking bays but generally a better option to stopping in the middle of the road and reversing into traffic.
  20. I wonder if the guys gets a 'staff discount' on his fine...