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N/A | National Speed Camera Lottery

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by DenholmReynholm, Mar 25, 2013.

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  1. #1 DenholmReynholm, Mar 25, 2013
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  2. that poll isnt fair when the speed limits are so low....
  3. Did I put that poll there? Maybe it automatically copied it from the linked site, I definitely didn't put it there intentionally!
  4. You realise Dore will be looking at that poll going.." I told you those bikers were a law breaking bunch, we need more targeted campaigns against the bikers. I know, lets revive the physics and 68kph campaign, that one was very effective"
  5. but if you ask yourself seriously, is there anyone that doesnt speed atleast once each time they take a vehicle out?

    unless you go around 20k/h under the speed limit, there is a high likleyhood that you speed, even momentarily, every single time you go out.
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  6. And if your speedo is incorrect and says it's 60 when you're actually doing 62, then you're speeding every time you ride/drive :)
  7. There was a Swedish study many years ago that tested how many times drivers broke the law, against how many times they thought they broke the law. The result was that even those drivers who claimed to never break the law were doing it at least as often as those that did it knowingly. And everyone was doing it it often enough to lose their licence weekly (if detected).
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  8. my point exactly.

    personally, i ride/drive at what i deem to be a controllable, safe speed given my equipment, my ability, surrounding motorists and general surroundings.
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    Perhaps your answer is in the "Last edited by Justus, Yesterday at 8:45 PM"?

    Edit: Oh, and for the record, I think it's a dumb idea. Just because a driver/rider stays within the limit doesn't mean they a good one.
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  10. Agreed. All it means is that they are adept at looking at the speedo and adjusting their right foot to make the needle stay at or below the speed limit.
  11. interesting isn't it though.... how often we speed and how seldom we crash...
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  12. I like how everyone wont take tac surveys but this.....
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  13. and since adjusting to the speedo is pretty easy... it means either, the rest of us are looking at the speedo and ignoring it... or we're spending more time looking at the road... and given theres very little point looking at the speedo so often if you're going to ignore it... it's most likely the latter. People who speed are more likely to watch where they're going.

    funnily enough there was a study done in germany which reflected this... higher speeds also translated to greater attentiveness = situational and environmental awareness... unless you're a jedi.
  14. most people concentrate more when going faster. also, you are on the road for less time therefore not as tired
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  15. and not exposed to others for as long either.

    would make a massive difference to fatigue if they raised the Hume freeway to 130kph. every time we drive melb-syd it seems SOMEONE has fallen asleep and crashed off the side...
  16. raise for every long straight boring as bat shit road
  17. This is good for giving money back to the road users, but as pointless as speed traps in Australia where most people know where they are (or their GPS tells them) and they just slow down and speed back up. Hence why the mobile speed cameras are so effective. Personally I would rather opt in to have a speed box installed on in car (black box flight recorder), If I ever get pulled over the officer can interrogate my vehicles data and see that most of the time 95% of the time I'm doing -/+10km/h and he only caught me at an outlier speed -/+15-20km/h and such he would fine me based on my previous 1 hour/2 hour average speeds. Obviously this would need coordination between GPS/Speed zones etc.
  18. Have a really good think about what you wrote, and the possible outcomes then come back and tell me if you think it's still a good idea.
  19. I hardly speed in my car... This is not for my bike :eek:

    What's your point? Insurance premiums? Big Brother? Retrospective fines?
  20. If they fit it to your car, they will fit it to your bike.

    What you proposed is not too dissimilar to the 'average speed' speed cameras in use now.

    It would more than likely result in more people looking at the speedo rather than at the road.

    Plus all the things you mentioned.

    Personally, given that speed is not the biggest factor in accidents, the whole idea of policing speed is ridiculous.
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