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Speed Camera in Royal Nat Park?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by TWARBI, Jun 11, 2007.

  1. **Query for NSW riders**
    I recently went on a really nice ride thru the Royal National Park (from Princess highway to Stanwell Park) and noticed not only the standard "speed cams used in NSW" sign but just after this a single sign that showed only a speed camera. I made a concerted effort to locate the bloody thing on the way and the way back to no avail....

    Question is to those who are familiar with this ride - Is there a camera hidden somewhere that i could not see??

    There are some really nice stretches that deserve a little loving yet i fear the fun police may put pay to that...

  2. yea, I saw one of those signs on Parramatta road the other day... was wondering what the hell it meant as I knew there wasn't a speed camera until much further down...
  3. not a fixed camera, but the sign is there to warn you that hwy patrol hang around from time to time. a fixed camera will have about 25 MASSIVE signs, with the posted speed limit on them.
    my understanding is, that the cops have to detect you speeding for 3 seconds or more within a certain distance of a speed limit sign, or a sign warning you that speed cameras are in the area, for the PIN to be valid. developing driver paranoia is the best way to keep the masses honest...

  4. There is no fixed camera at that location, however the local mobile speed camera car will often sit at a few places within the park, and hide as best as possible.
    Many people have been stung along the top section near the Bundeena to Garie turn offs.

    Beware of falcon wagons parked right into the tree line.

    There is no requirement for Police to detect you speeding within given distance to a speed limit posting or camera warning sign, the Commissioner's guidelines for use of Silver Eagle Radar and Lidars says that Police should where possible obtain a 3 second measurement of speed, and in mobile situations using Radar, compare the Radars "patrol" speed reading (speed that the Police vehicle is travelling) against the digital vehicle speedo and they must match to issue a TIN.
  5. Thats right for NSW, which means only people that are not concentrating will get booked.
  6. That makes me feel a little better, as i envisioned the worst case scenario - getting a letter in the mail saying bye bye license...

    I admit that i did pass a patrol car on the way back and was casually taking in the sights at that stage :-w

    It was a bit hairy on some parts today as a result of the weekends bad weather with all the debris, but im sure that will be cleaned up soon enough...

    'Tis a nice ride regardless of speed tho!
  7. on my canberra trip this weekend i was surprised, only saw 2 cops on the way down, and 2 on the way up. and 4 radar checks while i was in canberra its self

  8. Tweet,

    I may have misunderstood but with mobile camera cars isn't there a 'rule' or is it a guideline that the re must be a portable blue 'speed camera in use' sign located within 100 metres of the camera vehicle?

    Just wondering as in all cases I have seen the cars there is the sign.

  9. The little portable blue sign is there as a courtesy because lots of people (esp at night) used to get stunned by the huge flash when you trip the radar unit. I believe the guidelines say it should be used where safe to display it.
  10. no speed camera's in the nat park mate :grin: *yet*

    What do you ride Twarbi? I live in randwick too, might have seen you around?
  11. It was closed and in sleep mode, but a strange aroma of moss, twigs, fog and cheese flavoured 90 degree Twisties wafted from the notebook.

    Did someone say Nasho run? :grin:

    Spada vs. R6... :rofl:
  12. the way you ride mate, i'll put my money on the spada :LOL: :LOL:

    mmmm cheese flavoured twisties... CHICKEN's BETTER!!!!
  13. Just upgraded to '00 r6 from zxr250 in last fews weeks...Was quite emotional as i was (and clearly still am!) still quite attached to that little baby. Waiting for someone to buy it that will treat it right. So if you know anyone....

    Saw ya bike - looks nice. Will look out for you round the traps.

    Am keen to go for spin with all who are willing so drop me a line if/when you feel the need for a blast!