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VIC Speed Camera flashed, I wasn't speeding/

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by FastR1Red, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Was driving down KooWeeRup Rd yesterday just out of Healesville and every car that passed me flashed their headlights..OK so there's a speed camera ahead thanks guys.
    So the cars in front of me back off to 80kmh and I'm sitting behind them. It's a 100kmh road, clearly signposted at both ends. Looked at my speedo and yep I was doing 80kmh as well, but I got FLASHED!!!! WTF?? I've been sitting at 80 for the past 2km.

  2. Wouldn't worry about it unless you get a TIN....
    They have been know to be set up incorrectly and all the photos snapped thrown out...

    A while ago at a city intersection, car broken down at intersection so everyone had to move slightly around to pass, every car that did (including me) got snapped.
    Was quite funny seeing the camera working overtime.
    I never heard anything from it..... Just as well!
  3. Just like cops.. They got nothing on you yet still pretend you did something wrong!!
  4. i know mobile cameras up here are set below the limit innitially to make sure everything is functioning, maybe that's what happened??
  5. Geez I hope so
  6. didn't know speed cameras flashed. was it at night?
  7. They don't all flash, but many of them do. Some take two shots and flash twice. That way, if you go to court and contend that the speed measuring equipment was wrong, they can measure the distance the car (motorbike - rickshaw whatever) travelled, and knowing exactly how long between the shots were taken ... You won't beat that one.
  8. Wouldn't worry about it - I have a "favourite" camera on my morning commute; it's flashed me twice with no result (ie no bad news in the mail...), and I've also seen it one afternon flashing constantly in 20sec blocks!
  9. I thought most of the new traps used infrared, so you probably wouldn't notice a flash in daylight and it wouldn't be very bright at night.

    I've noticed only recently that the company contracted to raise revenue has moved on from their fleet of late model holden commodore wagons to using SUVs and people movers parked stratgeically out of view. Usually the traps stick out like a sore thumb.
  10. Yeh it's been ages since I've seen one with an actual flash,,,this one did and a bright one at that. It was around 2.30pm in the arvo.

    I just pulled my tracking logs off the pc.

    Where I've highlighted in red is where it was close too.

  11. stuck in 1st all day where we.
  12. Haha pretty much. That section I had Armin Van Buuren pumpin and I was out of it following a couple of granpas in their Hyundai's...How lucky was that?
    That's how long they were going slow for but I was ok with that, had my fun earlier..
  13. I have been flashed here in Qld when on the limit without consequence so I hope yo have no reason for concern.
    What astounds me is the need for some people to slow down well below the speed limit as soon as they know police are around! On occasion I have been riding where the cops are going slower than the limit. The surrounding traffic then tends to match the slower speed the cops are doing. I overtake and usually have a free run! People are sheep!
  14. Yeh it was unbroken line for a lot of the way and then oncoming traffic flashing us so I couldn't overtake anyway.

    Worse than the people that slow 20 under the limit around cameras are those that do 20 OVER the limit when they get to a passing lane then slow down under the limit and hold up all the traffic in the single lane.....just crazy,,but save that for another thread..
  15. Tracking software looks interesting. Is it easily available/cost effective?
  16. Yeh it's pretty good software Dazzler, part of my work so I can demo it to anyone at anytime. Very easily available and if you want a demo let me know.

    It's a bit pricey for motorcycling as it does all the reporting plus vehicle maintenance, tells you when your service is coming up, plus has digital I/O for any trigger you want, say when the lean angle exceeds 35degrees it can send an alert or sms to someone. Council sweepers use it for say when they're sweeping the streets so they can see when the brushes are down and how fast the sweeper is traveling, this tells them if the street's been effectively swept or the driver is doing it real quick so he can have a longer smoko, but it also helps him out. There's an instance where a car had been hit by something and the owner tried to blame the garbage truck for insurance purposes. The garbo was able to give a detailed report that proved he wasn't in that street on that day...works well.

    There are cheaper alternatives that do minimal reporting.

    Here's a couple more pics from that day.

    And a zoomed in shot.


  17. Tell me more - GPS-based? how does it work, in general?
  18. .
    Yes GPS based. It has a GPS receiver plus a mobile phone modem built in either Next G or GPRS.
    Takes the position from the GPS, compiles into short packets and sends via the built in cell modem.
    The antenna is a small flat oblong flatpack about 45mm longest side and about 10mm high, contains both the GPS receive antenna and phone antenna. It can be installed under the vinyl on your dash or on the windscreen.

    So the GPS antenna receives a position, and the phone modem sends it every minute (or 2 mins or 5 mins, you can set that up) plus you can poll it from anywhere you have access to the internet.

    You buy the hardware and pay a monthly subscription, or you rent the whole system.

    Here's a link to the one I have in the car.

  19. Thanks Red - interesting read that...