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NSW speed camera fine?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' at netrider.net.au started by robeel, Mar 31, 2011.

  1. hey guys,

    received a fine in the mail today for speeding 84 in a 70 zone on my bloody birthday. it was on james ruse drive about few hundred metres after turning left from victoria rd, was going to mcas.

    thing is i've been realy careful since getting my L's a month ago & i new there was a camera there so i wouldn't have been speeding, drove on that rode a week before & was told to be careful of cameras. there is a photo on the sdro site of the offence & the photo shows me riding with one hand & the other adjusting my helmet, so i doubt i would have been going over 80.

    here's the photo: http://www.apps05.sdro.nsw.gov.au/customer_service/photos/preview/600-19-50439169.jpg

    is there any chance of fighting this & getting off the points?

    & if not, do i lose my license? fine said it's 3 points but i'm on my bike l's, have my car p2 license so 8 points if that makes a diff.

    this is some bullshit, any help is appreciated.


  2. we can't look at the photo without your log on details.

    if you're absolutely sure 100% you were not speeding, then take it to court.
  3. If you are 100% sure you weren't speeding, take it court.

    That said, if you were speeding, take it like a man, pay the fine, learn from it (in future don't speed), and get on with life.

  4. fixed.
    OP in order for us to see the pic log in take a screenshot edit and upload it here.
  5. You're not even sure yourself what speed you were doing so what grounds do you think you could fight it on? I find if take my left hand off I tend to speed up a bit.

    Unless the camera was out of calibration date or some other such thing you've got buckleys chance.
  6. bad as it sounds is it really worth trying to fight? Will be expensive and the chances of a win are slim. How can you prove you weren't speeding?
    The onus of proof will be on you
  7. the picture got you, I'd say your nicked. No way you will win in court. What else does the photo show? Any other cars in the pic that the camera could have been flashing? That's really your only hope. I doubt the camera is wrong, it would be quite public if people thought they were getting fined wrongly.
  8. Yeah its funny how you speed up when rearranging various bits of anatomy or scratching or fidgeting with helmet etc... funny as in, you always speed up not slow down unless you consciously close the throttle first.
  9. ffg.

    the main thing i'm concerned with is losing my license & affecting insurance, will i lose my bike license for this?

    i'm pretty sure i wasn't speeding, i've only had my license for a month & notice when i hit 80+. i rarely have been going over 80 on freeways let alone just turning onto a road with camera.

    i know i will probably have no chance of fighting it, just don't want to lose my license over it.

    thanks anyway...
  10. you will lose your license. Depends which insurance you are with. IMR claim to be a specialist bike insurer for riders but won't insure you if your license has been suspended in recent time. Considering you probably already have a policy I doubt you would have a problem until its time to renew. Shannons and WQBE wont like it either. Swann wont care I do believe.

    look, without trying to get into a pissing match, I'd say you were. They really don't get it wrong, people would notice. You have a few options, you can apply to see when it was last calibrated (though I'm roughly 100% sure those documents are completely falsified), otherwise you could plead mercy based on income/transport options whatever, or possibly do the 12 month challenge though I think that is only available to full license holders.
  11. In Victoria, you can take the "12 month challenge" (12 months without getting any demerit points) no matter what form of license you hold. BUT this may not be the case in NSW.
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  13. Even if he gets those documents, a magistrate will ask for evidence he wasn't speeding, or evidence that puts the speed camera in question. "I'm pretty sure i wouldn't have sped" wont really do it.
    Is 10 over a breach of conditions in NSW? If it is, your license is gone. I'm pretty sure you lose both car and bike (I'm new to NSW so i'm not sure)
    Your best bet would be to claim you were distracted adjusting your helmet, and if you get a sympathetic magistrate, they may let you keep your car license.
  14. Unfortunately you probably were speeding. Given you are making adjustments to your helmet I assume you are not paying 100% attention to not speeding in front of the camera.

    Bare in mind this is only one shot. The radar detects if you are travelling above the speed then 3 shots are taken and they can work out your speed based on the ground covered between shots in the photo. Notice the little white marks on the road. This is what they are for.

    Unfortunately you don't have a leg to stand on.
  15. Get a copy of all three photos taken. If they record the time of the photo accurately, rather than just to the nearest second, you will be able to work out from that how fast you were going. There are enough marks on the road (repairs, wires tracks, etc.) to be able to draw perpendicular lines across your direction of travel to do so. You will just need to go back there and take one calibration measurement.

    If they show you were not speeding, that will be enough evidence for a court appearance. If you can't get all three pictures before saying that you are taking it to court, then you should be able to get them as part of the Discovery process prior to the court date. Then you can decide whether to proceed with the court, or not.

    The legal eagles here can clarify if all the above is possible.
  16. You hold the one license, so if you have 8 points, my take would be you dont lose it?
    Just dont know how it works when your on your L's for a rider.

    But hey... why dont you just give the RTA a call... and find out.. !!!!
  17. you will not be able to ride your bike but still drive your car for 3 months
  18. yep, this is it. I lost my bike license but kept my car license when I was on my Ps for bike and Blacks for Car.
  19. wow..

    I only just learned that ANY speeding infringement by a Learner is 4 points :eek:

    Guess I better not cruise at speeds which would normally get me 3 points...
  20. Think of it this way - you lose your license for any amount over, why not just go for it? Might as well be a proper ticket and not a pissy 0-10 over :biker: