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NSW Speed Camera Fine Advice

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by davidp1984, Jul 7, 2012.

  1. Hey all, after some advice from anyone with experience in these matters/issues please.

    I received a speeding fine via a speed camera. 75km/h in a 60km/h zone. 3 Points and $200ish fine.

    The issue being is that I was shopping at MCAS, 30m to the speed camera just before the fine. So the camera is saying that I got my 2000 Honda CBR600F4 from 0-75km/h in 30m. Now, I have a video of me going 0 - alot (on a private track ofcourse) and I needed approximately 50m to hit 75km/h. The video was of me pushing it alot harder then I was when I got the fine.

    I contested the fine providing my receipt from MCAS with a transaction time of 3 minutes prior to the speeding fine. Their reply was basically bad luck, we maintain the camera's and calibrate them to the law so we aren't providing any leeway.

    This is MCAS's Driveway and the Camera.

    This is a measurement of the driveway to the sensor(I believe that's the sensor). (this doesn't link the measurement, just right click, hit measurement and draw a line from the edge of the driveway closest to the camera to oughly where the camera is and that is about 30m)

    If the fine was 65km/h in a 60 one I would just wear it, but since it is 75km/h I just think it is a bit rich.

    My main issue though is I can't really afford a solicitor, so my pride wants to fight them for the principle, but the other half just says wear the $200 fine and the three points and just move on.

    I know everyone here hates A Current Affair but they may even be useful if I bring them my story, because I really do feel like it's a story of a big guy calling on the bluff of a little guy. But I don't know about this.

    Does anyone know how long the sensor's work, as in if you are speeding 20m past a sensor it will pick it up?

    Is it worth while me buying the picture off them and taking them to court?


    Got a speeding fine and trying to weasel my way out of it.
  2. Pay it you have no hope, I can get 0-100 in just over 3 seconds and you think you cant hit 75 on a cbr600 in less?
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  3. Fixed speed cameras work on ground sensors. They look like traffic light sensors. You should be able to see them on the road and get an exact measurement.

    Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa Tapa
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  4. Add between 20 to 40 metres after the camera to where your data were actually recorded and you have little hope.

    Sorry, they got you.
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  5. https://maps.google.com.au/?ll=-33....=a27fwKVWyxc6P_W3I5pTXQ&cbp=12,352.91,,0,4.85
    That's the point it will get you.

    Unfortunately that is 50m from the middle of the driveway. Plus you may have already had some speed coming out of the driveway. I don't think you have a chance.

    But hey at least you might have been speeding, I would rather move on from something like this knowing they got me fair and square than thinking they ****ed up and I got screwed.

    I might add, that is one carnnn of a speed camera location. Just got your pride and joy back, or got a hard on from looking at all the bikes inside. Can't blame anyone for giving it a bit too much mustard leaving that place. Plus you are past the warning signs... bastards.
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  6. Fair enough, guess I just have to wear it.

    Definitely fustrating because I grew up in Auburn, so I definitely know its there. Plus I go to Auburn about once a week so that my parents can see their grandchild, so I pass that camera about once a week.

    You just get bloody complacent on the roads you do all the time and fricken leave a driveway and smash it and think to yourself as you past the camera, what am I doing???? (End rant)

    Thanks to all the replies.
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  7. Shit.. I didn't know that camera was even there!
  8. Mate, if you honestly think you didn't do it, then stand up for yourself in court. This is exactly how the 'big boys' make their money...by motorists just lying down & taking it up the backside.
    The onus is on them to prove you were speeding and even if they could, they still have to frig around arranging people to take time out to go to your court case.
  9. At what cost?
    I don't believe I've done half the stuff I've done in the past and got pinged for but in reality I did them.
    Considering in this case the op actually has come to terms of having being pinged because he became complacent, for you to advise him to offload a bucketload of money based on a principle is it good advice?
  10. Get the picture first. That receipt is not very helpful unless someone actually see you left you the shop on your bike and head to the camera.

    Buy you self a gps tracker and no such tickets ever.
  11. If I was blamed for something I didn't do, then I would do everything possible to fight it. Yes, it cost's money but so does throwing money blindly at the government! At least make 'em work for it!

    How is that bad advice? Bad advice is saying "just pay the fine and do what the government tells you" I'm not going to get into an argument or pissing contest, but these camera's DO screw up.

    Do what you want, I couldn't care less. But if the OP truely thinks he didn't speed, then he should take it to court.
  12. You should read the thread before you post, especially when replying to something which brings up again what you didn't read in the first place.
  13. You said the same 12 months ago. Read the response.

    Yes, and?

    It is easily done. You were advised the same 12 months ago.

    Yes, and?

  14. Ok i checked out the map and your estimate of 30m is way too low. There are 2 variables in your claim:
    -where exactly you left the driveway at MC
    -which lane you were riding in

    Now even if we err on the side of caution, we assume you left the driveway on the side nearest to the camera (which i think is unlikely because noone rides/drives like that). We also assume you took the left lane as the sensor on this lane is about 2.5m closer to MC than the one in the right lane. Pay careful attention to the white lines which come about 2.5-3m after the last sensor.


    Now if we take these two measurements we come up with this


    Note the distance on the left side, and the two points which i have used as reference points: 1. the closest exit point of the driveway 2. the last sensor of the left lane before the white line. The rough distance and most conservative measurement is 38m. Now if you were pinged in the right lane, and you left the driveway further back, add 5m, which brings the estimate to about 42-43m.
    I was going to try and work out what speed would be possible in 38m given your bike can do (according to specs) 0-100 in about 3.3 seconds, but the mathematics have all been forgotten.

    I actually think it is quite possible to reach those speeds on that bike in that distance. And if you speed after the last of t he 3 lines, you won't get booked for that no.
  15. Bite the bullet and pay for it. It will be too much of a head **** for you to go to court and argue about it. you lose time and money and probably lose the case for some reason.

    Next time...swerve into the turning right lane and out again...I don't see any sensors in that lane :p
  16. Last I heard speed cameras have to be 300m from a speed limit sign, but I could be wrong.

    Is there one close by?
  17. OP would have already passed the required warning signs...since he was coming out of a driveway between sign and camera.
  18. Not within 300 metres of a sign which shows a decrease in speed or within 100 metres of a sign which shows an increase in speed.

    It is a guideline only.

  19. I dont think there is any requirement of a warning sign about speed cameras. I think its just a courtesy .

    And my nerd friend calculated that your bike could reach 91kms/h within the distance, assuming acceleration is linear (which it isn't). So 75 is definitely possible.
  20. Within one gear it's close enough to consider it as such.