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Speed camera dress-ups

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by akaluke, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Don't know if this was ever posted. Came across it during my endless internet browsing:


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  2. Lol this could be fun...
  3. problem is most cameras have cctv watching them so they dont get vandalised.
  4. I thought it was about dressing up in stupid outfits for backwards facing cameras and rising past them
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  5. Who wants to grab a paint ball gun and go camera hunting?
    Actualy, better idea - One of those toy remote helicopters with a claw, drop something over the lens...
  6. What a brilliant idea. Sounds like a new sport.
  7. fill water balloons with paint and chuck them at the cameras from a distance to avoid cctv.

    If you use multiple colours you could claim it was abstract art.

    edit: paintball gun is a better idea but im pretty sure that paint washes off?
  8. sounds like a long overdue good piece of HONEST fun..... :LOL:
  9. I like where this thread is going! (y)

  10. Still need to organise that working bee we talked about ;)
  11. [​IMG]
    Eh eh? :demon:
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  12. Cordless drill + fast expanding foam concrete stuff?
  13. just bomb them.

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  14. You want to make a mechanical flying face hugger that humps cameras with a drill before shooting a hot load of foam all over their insides?

    I think I would pay to see a swarm of these attacking a speed camera van...
  15. Need I say more?
  16. I read a story that a bunch of guys went up one of those camera vans that orb was talking about and while two guys were asking the operator how it all works another was taking one of its number plates off. They then attached its number plate to another car and sped past several cameras. Naughty boys...
    I wonder if the Rta booked the operator?
  17. Another story of a driver going past a camera car and getting flashed, he reckons he wasnt speeding so turned around and went past it again watching the speedo, Still got flashed, went past again to make sure, another flash, had a go at the operator for the dodgy camera and was told, youre not wearing your seatbelt
  18. ahahahaha they are not amused
  19. This thread is gold. Thanks for the morning laugh.