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VIC Speed camera complaint

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by deadman, Apr 11, 2016.

  1. I got done for 4 kays over the limit in a 60 zone,
    Having seen the Picture,
    There is me on my bike and a car beside me in the picture,
    I am going away from the camera, the car is coming toward the camera,
    We are together,
    My Question, Is how do I go about contesting this, As it doesnt say on the Web site or the Ticket I got in the post,

    Two vehicles in the same Piccy they cant book me, So do I go to court and contest it,
    Or is there some way I can contest it online or by a written letter,

    Thanks, Brian,
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    Have a look at: Fines Victoria - My Options

    Only get one go at it so if not getting points important the maybe get a hotshot traffic lawyer to submit review request.

    Edit: Would suggest getting that expect opinion as an old press statement says:

    "There is no problem if the cars are travelling in opposite directions," she said, "because the camera identifies the direction of the vehicle it photographs."

    I suspect somewhere (on photo?) there should be an indication of direction which would have to be submitted as evidence.
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  3. I would write requesting a warning rather than a fine - only works if you have a good record (clean in the last few years) and the speed excess is under 10km/h. Is a legit method - i have used this successfully before and I think GoozaGooza has as well.
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  4. Cameras detect lane number & direction. But if you're positive you weren't speeding certainly contest it as it's well within your rights after all you're being accused of an offence you didn't commit. You prepared to cop that?
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  5. Roadside camera in a car, Its just a piccy taken as i rode past,
  6. In theory if there is a larger profile vehicle in range it can generate an incorrect reading for smaller vehicle.

    You would need a lawyer to argue it in court, however, because I can imagine the police/government official line will be, "No".
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  7. I know it is extortion but the cost of fighting it, win, loose, or draw, may cost you much more than accepting it and taking the loss. Only you can decide if you can take the gamble.
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  8. Only issue with the mercy plea is that you are still pleading guilty as charged. To deny guilt, your gunna need a lawyer. Between missus and I, we have been let off with a stern warning 3 times. All under 10ks over though.
  9. Can you post the picture with rego blocked out? Depending on the proximity of the vehicles there could well be a defence but I'd need to see it first. The defence would run along the lines of them needing to prove that the camera can discern this level of precision.
  10. More importantly - no cost and minimal buggering around...
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  11. I wrote a letter to the Penalty Review Board last year about a very similar fine (but no car present).

    I admitted that I was in the wrong and acknowledged by mistake. Also said that I hadn't accrued any demerits for many years.

    Received a polite response saying that my fine had been recinded. I can't ask for mercy again until another two years has elapsed.

    If you have a clean record and admit that while you have done wrong, request that you be granted a warning.

    I found an example on the web that I cut and pasted and personalised.

    Here is the text of what I sent them:

    Good luck.
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  12. Should be on the back of the form. See

    Fines Victoria - Elect to go to court

    Suspect you have no chance. The official warning might be the best option if you are eligible but you have to admit the offence.
  13. If one vehicle is approaching the camera and one moving away then it is simple doppler to differentiate which speed is applied to which vehicle. There is little likelihood of succeeding with such a ploy. If both vehicles are travelling in the same direction a second photo taken a split second after the first is used to establish which is the faster of the two.

    They've been playing this game for long enough to have most bases covered :(
  14. Take a good hard look at all the information on the photo. If you believe it was the car and not you as you have such a good license history, write to the penalty review board for it to be reviewed. Don't admit anything, just see if they believe the evidence will stand in court.

    If they don't revoke the TIN, then send in another letter as per suggestions, acknowledge that you accept the mistake and ask for the TIN to be rescinded and a warning issued based on your good license record. If you don't have one, well...
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  15. The problem is the radar takes two readings to measure the difference. When one vehicle is larger than the other it can take one reading off the smaller vehicle and one off the larger vehicle. If the second reading is relatively further along the speed reading will be greater than the actual reading.

    HWY patrol cops are taught this when they learn to use radar and they are taught to not set up a radar where there is a large flat sign and to filter results where there is a big difference between the size of vehicles.

    It's one of the arguments against fixed speed cameras. They can't filter out those erronious results.
  16. Doppler effect.

    The speed detection device senses whether the vehicle is coming toward or going away. Increasing frequency, coming toward: decreasing, going away. Radar and laser is quite capable of sensing whether the detected vehicle is one or the other, plus then measuring the speed of the signal.

    The OP was specifically asking because there was another vehicle in the photo going in the opposite direction, which he was asking could be a reason to challenge the TIN.
  17. This is the Piccy, Traffic camera fine 001.
  18. I don't think you'd win that one. As above, Doppler effect should sort out if its you or the guy behind. I'd do the "mea culpa" and ask for a warning...
  19. Yeah I think, even if I was right, the speed indicated would be a lot more than 4 km/h with the position of the car in that picture.

    You were done.
  20. Interesting. This would mean at least three readings.