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Speed camera cats eyes

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by nearlyempty, Jun 16, 2005.

  1. UK firm Astucia has developed a speed camera small enough to fit in a road stud. :shock:

    On the plus side, they’ve been developed only to read front numberplates & have yet to be put into action. [-o<

  2. For now they only pick up front number plates, let just hope they find a few errors in it for the next 80 years, still a pain in the ass for when your driving
  3. Big Brother's not only watching the housemates. :roll:
  4. Not that I dont believe you but where did you get all this info from?!
  5. This news has been around for years.
    How hard would it be for someone to spray it black?
  6. Worse to come folks. MCN has a story this week that the Ministry of Transport in the UK has released details of its satellite tracking (and automatic tolling) system, including a full pricing schedule. All road users will be required to carry a tracking device, and charged per km travelled. An average user will pay about A$15k per year. They hope to have it up and running within 2 years. Extra bad news is that it will be used to maximise speeding enforcement. :(
    The good news it may take 10-15 years to work out all the bugs. :)

  7. Ican see elections where road user groups will oust a government over this sort of issue.
  8. I wonder if the tracking system still works if it accidentally gets wrapped in tinfoil? :-k
  9. If they remove ALL taxes from petrol it may work out cheaper.

    Although $15k is a hell of a lot of petrol tax in 1 year. :S
  10. Let's hope so. But let's hope that there's a choice between the policy of the major parties! You can bet your boots it'll be run by private enterprise if it does happen, and right now in Victoria we've got both camps slavering for even more privatisation profits. :evil:
    Bear in mind that those figures are based upon UK usage, and it hasn't actually gone before parliament YET.
  11. To get back to the original point (the cats eye camera), Nearlyempty, does the product information happen to say whether either device stands up well to being accidentally smashed with a large shifter, rock or any other handy object? :)
    Could have a rather high ongoing replacement cost factor :eek:
  12. You'd have to find it first...

    (Do you think they'd paint them yellow?)
  13. I'd say they would be found especially since you are allowed to view the photo.
    Eventually they will be found and subsequently destroyed/painted etc.
  14. How do they transmit the pictures.
    Will they have to lay fibre down the road or will they use a wireless connection of some sort.

    I'd suspect wireless - digging up roads to put occasional cameras in would be expensive and impractical. (having had more than a little involvement with fibre roll outs over the last two years...)

    If it's wireless then it's fairly easy to detect them.

    I think this idea is rather impractical - especially given the Poms reactions to the current lot of speed cameras and the amount of sabotage that occurs. These'd be even easier to sabotage.

    That's the trouble with fixed speed cameras - they can be easily damaged. :roll: The story goes that Arizona pulled them out because too many highway fixed cameras ended up with bullets in them. Cameras in non-urban locations seem to have a remarkably high failure rate... :LOL:

    If they are as easily accessible as these are then I suspect that the failure rate could get worse. :LOL:
    If they introduce the satellite tracking system it would need to be an EU wide thing. There's also a lot of civil liberties implications there so it could get very interesting indeed.


  15. [quote="TonyE]These'd be even easier to sabotage.


    You mean like approach from opposite direction with a can of spray paint? :D
  16. Now what gives you that idea...
    I'm sure no one on this forum would ever condone such behaviour...

  17. never said they would.....

    merely suggested as a possibility of what an unsupervised uncrupulous person may be capable of :wink:
  18. Yep. Terrible.