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speed camera can get you for no L plate too?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by RGVroomDaddy, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. Posted this question as part of a different thread but thought I would do it as a separate post in case it gets lost in the noise.

    Anyway, am sweating it on a speed camera I got tonight (running an amber on St Georges/Separation Melb, didn't see the camera), but am also wondering if it will get me for no L plate as well? I would have kind of thought that they wouldn't but wondering if anyone knows for sure. What's worse is the last day of my L's (go for license tomorrow).

    I am probably looking at a 1 month suspension at least but an additional L-plate infringement would put me over the 5 demerits and cop an additional 3 months ...

    I guess I am also wondering that if by the time the fine comes through whether I will be considered to be off L's or they will measure at the time of the infringment?

    If the worst happens then I will probably make a plea to the magistrate since I currently have 0 demerits and a full car license so might post a "hints for the magistrate" thread if the worst eventuates :roll:

  2. Was it a red light/speed camera?

    If you ran an amber light you have nothing to worry about, if you sped up to beat the red and you got flashed then you are going to be a little poorer.

    I don't think you can get done for any offence other than what the camera is designed for.

    I don't know for sure but I wouldnt have thought so.
  3. This kind of reminds me of the time i lost my licence just a matter of weeks before i would have got off of my P plates! :oops:
    I was so close to getting my open licence but f*cked it up a tad.
    After my 3 month ban i had to start my P's all over again. :mad:
  4. im not really sure if they can get u for not wearing ur 'L's
    you can always say that it was a friend who was riding ur bike
    but then u would need to find a freind who is will to take the blame and have enought dermerit points lol
  5. Was one of the new combined speed/red light and yep sped up to beat the amber and got flashed ... what you say about not being done for the L plate sounds right though. Will just have to wait and see about the speed since am not 100% sure how fast I was going. Was too busy going WTF I am an idiot to look at the speedo when the flashes went off :oops:

  6. hehe
    i recon u should of done a wheelie
  7. Not enough torque on zx2r mate :p Wish I had have tried some of that plate spray though have been thinking about it for a while but never got around to it. If cop asked why plate was shiny was going to say it was carnuba wax from buffing bike :cool:
  8. What is the Vic fine for not wearing Ls?
  9. I belive you can get done for other offences. I heard of a driver getting pic taken twice going past a speed camera when he wasn't speeding and stopped to question the operator and was told it was manually taken because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt :mad: If they view the pic of you and then realise you are not a licenced rider I am certain they could ping you for that too. The question I think would be, did you go through amber or red, because they don't usually take pics on amber, only on red?
    I'm not ceratin but I was told by someone knowledgable that the fine was $500 for failing to display your L's :shock: Why would you not display them?
  10. You can get pinched for other offences if they pick it up. If you sped up then you probably got done for speeding, not running the red (if it was still amber) as they usually allow a few seconds after it's gone from amber to red before pinching people.

  11. How the hell can they see you wearing a seatbelt while sleeping in the back of their cars....

    I reckon you'll be ok, just pay the fine.... Your supposed to lose your L's here if you get caught over 10Kmh over the limit, I got flashed at 72 in a 50 zone (with my L plate on mind you) and just recieved a fine and 3 demerit points on my drivers license. Paid it and nothing happened...
  12. i think u will be ok
  13. Pretty sure it was amber, I don't usually run reds. Melbourne has new combined speed/red light cams.

    I am not even sure exactly how fast I was going so am just going to have to suck it and see what they ping me for I guess.

    BTW got my license today so off the L's.

    $210 and 2 points in vic.

    Took it off after the first 3 or 4 weeks when I didn't need any special consideration anymore. I think it brings more unwanted attention than actually being a safety feature. Knew there was a fine risk but was prepared to cop it however didn't consider its impact combined with speeding fine :roll:

  14. The camera/operator has no idea whether you are a full license holder or otherwise...you cannot get done for the L plate offence
  15. This sounds right but can anyone confirm whether the new fixed cameras in Vic are operated by private companies?
  16. Cameras are operated by a contractor (Tenix?) but the infringement notice comes from the plods.

    The notice is issued to the registered owner as they have no way of knowing who is riding. Can't imagine they go through and check for registered owner's licence status, after all you can be registered owner and not have a licence.

    You may get away with that one but go for the rest.

  17. Hahahahha that's gotta be the best Urban Myth i've heard to date.

    Think about it dood, he goes past for not speeding so the ASTUTE operator manually fires the camera twice. Very very far fetched.

    Before the operator has time to trigger the camera the car has moved out of shot.

    I can just see them now, be sitting there with their chin resting on the dash, hump backed, finger on the cable release, panting like mad, praying somone goes past without a seatbelt, too funny. :LOL:
  18. And apparently they only get paid $15 an hour so not exactly an incentive unless the operatives of civic compliance vic et al. are actually civic minded beyond the call of duty :p
  19. I believe the fines are issued by the Dept of Justice not the plods. The only thing they look up is who the registered owner of the offending vehicle is. They have no need to do licence checks.
  20. But when you send the form back nominating yourself as the rider & they double check the photo the person checking it could put two and two together and.......... just ingore it..........

    In this day and age of computer file cross checking anything is possible.