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Speed Camera 735m inside Domain Tunnel

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by LadyYamaha, Dec 22, 2006.

  1. Did you know there is one there?! Cost me $134 & 1 point for 85kmh in an 80kmh zone to find out! Car on cruise control too!

  2. This came up in conversation last night on the mystery ride.
    where are the cameras in the tunnel

  3. they are in both tunnels, there is 4 in each i think

    they easiest way to notice where they are is you look at the ground and when there are lines going across the road that is where you get your speed checked
  4. Yeah Mr Charmed & myself knew there camera in tunnel.
    Take a good look @ other tunnels, & I'm sure you will find cameras in there also.
  5. Apparently 735m after the tunnel entrance! I was heading to the airport!
  6. I can't believe people still get done in the tunnels :?:
  7. There are multiple cameras in both tunnels as mentioned and don't forget the one hidden behind the sign inbound on the Punt Rd flyover.

    You've got to watch for down hill speed creep when on cruise control.

    The trick I use in the downhill run into the tunnels is to drop down to 2nd (auto), yes the engine revs a bit, yes it uses a bit of extra fuel but it keeps the car at or below the speed limit.

    Gotta watch for when they drop the speed limit in there as well.
  8. Outbound, Camera's are located roughly at fire monitors:

    There was scuttlebutt in the early days that the middle lane only had front facing cameras... don't know if this is still the case.... anyone know????

    Inbound, I can't quite remember the positions... Check for the tapes on the ground... I'll be going through in the next day or so, so I'll take note and post.