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Speed bumps on the Pacific Highway

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by cardboardtenant, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. On my usual commute on the Pacific Highway from Hornsby into the city I was enjoying a relatively traffic free run this morning.

    Traffic was heavy enough I didn't filter very much and was behind 4 or 5 cars in a line coming up the speed camera at Lindfield. I was in the left hand lane and had cars on the right of me. As was expected, everyone started slowing down to 50kmh and my usual gap closed to about 2 cars, when I caught the flash of something green on the road.

    I looked down to see a green coloured car jack sitting there right where I was headed. Unfortunately my MOST obstacle swerve skills never kicked in and with an almighty "CRAAAAAP!" I ran straight over it with a jolt.

    I then proceeded through the speed camera and moved the bike around trying to feel if I had punctured a tyre. Thankfully (after an inspection at the next red light) there were no flat tyres.

    What I learned:
    -I should have been buffering more to give myself time to react to those situations
    -There is a reason for the MOST practise
    -don't fixate on the target!

    How a car jack ended up on the road is beyond me but it gave me a bloody big fright this morning!

    If you're riding along that road, watch out for it today! haha

  2. dude, that could have been really bad, glad your ok
  3. You went back & moved it off the road, right?
  4. of course he didn't.
  5. I know Jack..he always hangs around on the way to work..looking to give someone a lift! :p
  6. Oh, that's where I left it.
  7. Unfortunately no, and yes I do feel guilty for it however the next turn off is about 1km down the road and there's no real way around there to get back to it short of a 10-15 min round trip :(
  8. Fell off the back of a truck?
  9. Another very good reason why we should generally ride in the left or right wheel track of cars ahead. Such things do gravitate to the centre sections of lanes, where cars can straddle them.

    It is a bit of a scare when it happens, (I know), but lesson learnt without anything really bad happening. That's a good thing. :)

  10. Agreed John and it's a practise I like to stick to (so I thought).

    I had thought I was in the right hand wheel track ..... obviously my line was about 15cm off as when the jack appeared it was just inside the right wheel of the car. Now it is something I will adhere to more religiously in future I assure you!

  11. Main thing is you are OK, no injuries and the bike is good.
    Some poor bugger will get a rude shock when he/she goes to change their tyre with no jack ... serves them right.
  12. had a very similar experience except the thing on the ground was silver, right on top of those steel bars connecting the concrete, and I was traveling at 80kph. The jolt scared the hell out of me and was really scared about whether the tires were punctured as I still had a certain distance to go till next red light but they were fine when I checked at the next light. But yea, glad you're okay!