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Speed blitz

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by wizud, Oct 31, 2009.

  1. Vic police are all excited to try out their new Stalker radars and hand held units and so are conducting a blitz throughout the Yarra Valley over the long weekend. Eyes open around the spurs etc.

  2. I find it ironic they call it a speed blitz.
  3. why ironic?
  4. Tell me about it. They were out in force today. Mostly through Kinglake and Toolangi but also a few around Marysville.

    Almost seemed like there were more checkered bikes than there were others. :?
  5. Im sure this has been asked before,
    Does anyone know where most accidents occur, highways where the speed limit is higher or residential and 80k zones?
  6. The original use was "blitzkrieg", meaning "lightning war", referring to the German tactic of hitting very hard and very fast to overwhelm the enemy. The "blitz" part, or "lightning", colloquially refers to speed… so they're fighting speed with speed.
  7. Speaking of speed, here's an interesting article about how raising speed limits did not cause people to go faster.
  8. Gotta love the last sentence...
  9. Well blow me down! Increasing the speed limit didn't increase fatalities.

    Drivers generally drive to the conditions - the authorities know this and they use it to set arbitrary limits and r.ape your wallets under the guise of safety.
  10. Same up there again this morning. Unmarked bike through the spur, marked bike on Chum Creek Rd.
  11. I saw 1 car yesterday afternoon near launching place, might of been more but I couldn't see for the bug's on my visor!
  12. Up here in sunny FNQ we had the pleasure of seeing Mr Plod turning his unmarked Subaru Liberty around in front of oncoming traffic so he could do a licence check on a girl on her CBR250RRRRrrrrr. Great move, perform a relatively dangerous move in front of traffic, rather than drive 100m further up where could have executed the same move in far greater safety just to perform some check on a bike that was already stopped with the rider dismounting. Mercifully he was the only visible presence today.