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VIC Speed Attitudes Slow to Change

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Doch, Mar 29, 2011.

  1. Best to quote it to discuss it ;)

  2. How the hell do they make the connection that creeping over the speed limit = death?



    They're right, I don't get it.
  3. I'm sure reading that removed a decent chunk of my remaining intelligence..
  4. doubled again!!! sheesh
  5. Revenue raising. I'm yet to see any testing that can prove an additional 3km/h is the difference between life and death.

    It's like saying if I'm doing 100km/h I'm safe, if I do 103km/h I will most certainly be killed. Driver training and awareness are infinitely more important.
  6. I guess if you intend to continue being the highest taxing state in the world, on the basis of over enforcing minor traffic infringements, you need to sell the idea to the public. Social engineering, justification for actions, and some of the people involved probably genuinely believe they're doing God's work.
  7. best way to reduce accidents isnt to bring out these speeding scare campaigns....f****n do some driver ed and advanced driver training......let these guys know the limits of their cars, their own limits, get their jollies in a safer environment, and teach them how to control their cars.

    Why isnt the government doing any of these stuff?
  8. Because that would do nothing to justify or legitimise the rolling goldmine that is speeding fines. In fact, it would be seen by some as an admission that the current approach is corrupt and cynical and just a poorly disguised cash grab.

    They don't want people to know what the limits are. They don't want people to be skilled. They don't want to encourage anything on the road that might be fun. Apart from anything else, the more skilled and competent the driving public gets, the more apparent their lies and distortions will be. They want people ignorant and frightened. Many of them probably don't even want to reduce the road toll, because then they'd have to go find something new to biatch and moan about, and try and force their beige morality down people's necks.
  9. In a democracy, how is it the prerogative of the government to "change the attitudes" of the majority of the populace?
  10. Good question. Doesn't stop them trying though.
  11. Niiiiice!!!

    I had a little introduction into politics 101 last night, an eye opener for sure. In fact it's left me slightly ill at ease.

    The pendulum is swinging across the nation, we'll see who's attitude changes.
  12. If the road safety campaign in it's current and intended form was released to the public in it's entirety, without omission for the purposes of a referendum, do you think it would of gotten up as legislation?

    If the intended Nationalisation of the safe roads system based on Vision Zero was released to the public for voting on, do you think it would be passed into legislation?
  13. 30% of crashes speed is a related cause?

    Such a slippery statement that one...

    1) Speed does not mean speed limit. You can be going too fast and be doing under the speed limit. By the same token, the speed limit can be too low and a speed over it can be perfectly safe for a motorcyclist.
    2) A lack of skills often result in an error in judgement. This error in judgement coupled with the speed at which the vehicle is travelling results in the crash. Not speed alone.

    in my opinion, anyway.
  14. Seems obvious to me. This is part of the lead up to introducing zero tolerances in speed camera operations. They've just identified that 90% of the population is a potential revenue stream, as opposed to just 21%, and they're manufacturing outrage in the lead up to removing the existing 3kph reduction tolerance currently employed, and moving to a system where an actual detected speed of 61kph (in a 60kph zone) will result in a fine.

    As this would then put the vast majority of the population on the brink of losing their licenses due to point-based accumulation as we all know all to well that maintaining a speed within +5kph without negligently ignoring the road while paying full attention to the speedometer is a nigh impossibility, that what we'll also see is a regrading of the point-based penalties to 0 points (but still a fine) for +1 to +5kph above the posted speed limit.
  15. We're all preaching to the choir. We all agree with each other, and our opinion - freely offered and received - to each other is just so much hot air.

    Copy and paste this whole thread into your email client of choice and send it to your local state member.

    From Aesop's Fables - All the herbivores can meet and talk themselves horse, and pass a grand resolution deploring the eating of flesh and vowing to not rest until the eating of meat stops, but their resolution means nothing while there is still one fox left in the world.
  16. don't worry, we don't all have to slow down. Only the 250 who are going to die have to slow down then we'll be okay. Volunteers anyone?
  17. Amen to that brother! =D>

    If anyone wants too see the effect their brainwashing of "speed and you WILL" die" preaching has already done on the uneducated (in a driving sense) just read the comments on any article pertaining to accidents,"hooning" (fkn hate that word now) and speed cameras on the Herald Sun website! ](*,)
  18. Small number compared to heart attacks, smoking (legal drug) cancer and other diseases, which they are doing bugger all for,

    But they dont have fines attached, No revenue in those things,
  19. because you can magically drift into a tree.