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Speed ad - Mistakes

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by dima, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Discuss please.

  2. arrested-development-dove-funny-jason-batemen-Favim.com-170584.
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  3. Same formula as any don't speed ad really.
  4. I don't think so. It doesn't say anything at all about arbitrary limits that will supposedly keep everyone safe. It's more about the right speed for the conditions IMO.
  5. ^^^ that's not what I got... The focus on the speedo being a few ks over brings the wipe off 5 and reconstruction ads to my mind..yet again pointing the finger at speed rather than the idiot who failed to give way. A few metres closer at the correct limit would have the same result.
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  6. I felt the main focus was on the other road users making mistakes. Less so on a speed. Although it's still there.
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  7. I thought it was subtly implied that he was going 109 in a 100 zone and that because of that kittens were murdered. That was my take on the ad anyway. Same smell as any don't speed ad.

    While in reality anyone speeding with any experience would have seen the tell tale signs of a hazardous situation up ahead and slowed down and covered the brakes well before the situation proved to be deadly and approached the situation the same as someone driving to the letter of the law.
  8. Watched it a couple more times, and yeah I have to agree with you and Smiliedude. Essentially, it lets the failure to give way entirely off the hook and lays it 100% on speed.
    It's a fictionalised scenario that is deliberately constructed to create a case against speed, but it's inadvertently created an even stronger one against really bad decision making
    (Approaching car at 9kmh slower: stationary driver pulls out half a second later - same result).
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  9. I see it as everyone can make mistakes and we can't rely on others being perfect.

    NZ has run some strong advertising on turning/intersection accidents in the last few years so this ad covers both of their current focus areas in one ad.

    I see both those guys going "I wish he hadn't because now I can't fix it".
  10. That second or so showing the speedo completely changes the message I take from this advert.

    With that speedo shot, they're implying (based on the assumption that he is in a 100kph zone) if he'd been going 8kph less, this accident would have been avoided. As we all suspect, at 100kph a single digit percentage difference probably isn't going to make all that much of a difference to the outcome of this kind of accident. Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, I'm not an expert but I do know that I'm pretty tired of that message so I ignore it and carry on my merry way at 108kph.

    If they'd left that part out it would have been a better ad (IMO). Leaving that snippet out takes the focus off the "only a couple of kph is the difference between life and death" message and would have moved it to the "other people make mistakes" message. If you leave people to fill in the blanks I think they generally assume the worse or fill the gap with their own experiences/behaviors/etc and the message automatically becomes personalised (again, psychology expert I aint).

    So, not having that snippet of the speedo in it would have made me give it all a bit more thought.

    That and wont someone think of the kittens???
  11. All the above has some validity, but if someone slows, or someone looks again, and someone avoids death because of this, isn't that a reasonable (or great) outcome? Let's not get too critical, let's drive / ride to survive!
  12. I suppose that depends on if you believe the theory that speed -as in a few kms over - kills. I don't.
  13. Speed kills.

    Are you a killer? Do you want to kill the poor girl in the car?

    Come on.

    Be a man.

    Stop speeding.

    fcuken hoons

    EDIT: it's a boy in the car
  14. Isn't it obvious, if he'd been doing 100 he could have killed them legally, doesn't say much else to me really.
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  15. Well I don't either Greydog (and I am aware you were not asking me directly). Errors cause crashes. We are human, we have imperfections, I am a scientist, but know that if an emotional approach is made, someone may think twice, and someone's father/ mother/brother/sister son/daughter etc will survive. Appreciate the point you make as it is reasonable too.

    Good point black adder. Recon your tag line is relevant here!
  16. That ad just says drive to the conditions. Sure the shot of the speedo indicated a few kms over 100kms/hr,but maybe that intersection actually required that driver to approach it at 80kms/hr to avoid the pulling out motorist. Don't forget he did jump onto the brakes, but any speed reduction made no difference to the impact which was still pretty considerable.

    Maybe that driver thought that as the open road is a 100kms/hr zone, then any corner on tht road was OK close-as-makes-no-difference at 100kms/hr.
  17. This ad really isn't for us.

    Through the joys and scares of riding we are always ahead on situational awareness, rider and vehicle ability.

    This is for the half asleep, it'll be ok, I've driven this road 100 times before kind of people.
  18. it ads a real world twist as opposed to most aussie speed ads... but it's still bullshit to make the guy whos just had a car pull out in front of him look like the unreasonable inconsiderate git...... what if the kid was in the "speeding" car (which wasn't necessarily speeding) and a truck pulled out in front from a car length away.... drive to the conditions is a good message but perhaps they could place a bit of priority on minding what your fcuking doing before you pull out in front of someone and cause an accident.
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  19. Good production values, but massive logical flaw. I agree with trd2000, they make the git look like the bad guy with the punch line of "slow down" because people make mistakes. How slow is the right slow speed? A rider should have seen the car about to pull out and taken some evasive action miles back, but we do that out of self preservation. Drivers don't have that instinct.
  20. My first impression was 'this is too car-centric'. A rider would have seen that coming way back there, have a conversation with himself, "Is this peanut going to pull out on me? yep, here he comes", and avoid the situation.

    I like the angle of 'if you could talk to the other driver' to engage the audience in thinking about poor decisions. It was an effective start and could have been a great ad about roadcraft. Then they ruined it by reducing the message to 'slow down'.