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Spectacle question

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Mormegil, Sep 8, 2006.

  1. Hi all.

    First question - as you might guess I have no riding experience (my qride course is at the end of the month).

    Has anyone had any experiences with wearing "convertibles" brand spectacles?

    They're the ones with the magnetic clip on sunglasses.

    My only concern is that they might vibrate or blow around.
  2. wow, your first post and you nalready made a spectacle of yourself :shock: :LOL: <----OMG thats terrible.

    have worn them, didnt vibrate off but wore a fullface visor down.

    and welcome to the forum
  3. Yep, that's terrible - but also helpful :)

    Was planning on a full face helmet (WASN'T originally planning on a shoei xr1000 but my malformed noggin won't seem to fit comfortably into anything else).
  4. Welcome Mormegi. I haven't worn them on my bike, I have new photochromatic ones now, but I did wear them in an old open cockpit aircraft with a top speed of about 180kph. I got away with it for a while, but the clip-ons are now somewhere in the general area of the WA wheatbelt.
  5. Welcome Mormegil, I haven't had a problem in the past with mine.

    Don't forget to try helmets on with your glasses though.
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    Gold :)
  7. I used to wear them, they look like a good idea but I found that after a while they felt heavy and a bit uncomfortable.

    I never actually blew a set off though :LOL:
  8. i was going through amcn today and noticed uglyfish have some sort of sunglasses that you can fit prcseription lenses into.. i got no idea how they work or anything, but thought i might mention it. im gunna have a look down at the GP while im there and if they are any good ill post up here.

    best option IMO is to just buy a tinted visor.
  9. I found that because the glasses tend to slip down your nose when you push them up sometimes it dislodges the sunglasses. So you would be better of with a tinted visor.
  10. As long as you only ride in the daytime. Will be a problem after dusk.
  11. Yes and thats why i carry my clear visor when i know i will be out after dark. Or i actually find the irridium visor ok in the night as long as you are where there are st lights..
  12. That's my current problem - the convertibles are an old pair that I was thinking of dragging out for the bike (the script is pretty close and I work for an optometry school so changing lenses is cheap).

    My current calvin kleins (again, cheap from work) are way too flimsy for me to push through padding. The shoei seemed be not all that bad but one arm still ends up consistently outside my ear. I'm thinking a stiffer frame is what I need.

  13. I wear Polarised sun glasses
    avaliable at most petrol stations
    they fit under nearly all helmets as they are not too bulky
    (wide/heavy frames)

    i can see through the windows of on coming cars
    and know where they are looking
  14. will they replace my corrective prescription glasses? :p :p

  15. Actually i DID buy a pair of those glasses
    with the interchangable lenses that you
    Can put perscription lenses/glass in
    they are pricey
    i got mine from Honda in Ferntreee Gully (vic)

    i dont wear them at the moment
    as they are too bulky under my helmet
    i dont wear perscription glasses either
    i only used them for the different lenses for different conditions
  16. I wear glasses and when my helmet is on I dont even notice they're on. Bloody Comfy!! :)

    I received advice before buying my helmet to make sure they are 110% comfortable. If they're not, that little slip of the frame from behind the ears can turn out to be a huge pain in the ass on long rides. :(

    Or.. Push down on top of the helmet with both hands to ensure the helmet is actually sitting properly around your face.. I thought mine didnt fit until I actually had the helmet on properly :oops:
  17. I don't know what brand my frames are, but good stiff arms mean no problems getting them in position in the helmet.

    I've never had prescription sunglasses, and all the clip-ons I've ever had were too heavy and looked like crap.

    So I've been driving for years with glare and sun in the eyes.
    On a bad day you can see me riding along with one gloved-hand up in 'makeshift-visor-hope-I-don't-have-to-use-the-clutch-soon' mode.
  18. I wear glasses fulltime and have clip on sunglasses for them. However, I bought mine because they both had the magnetic attachment, but they also clipped in, so double the hold.

    I ride with them on and never have an issue, but probably wouldn't feel as comfortable if they were just magnetics only.