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Specs and visors

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by oldmick, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. I'm wearing transitional lens specs (they darken in stronger light) under a clear visor. This is normally fine, but looking into the afternoon sun is deadly.

    Considering swapping to a tinted or iridium visor, but there seem to be problems with this too - the lenses won't transition under a tinted visor (I'm told) and iridium visors scratch easily.

    Four-eyed two-wheelers - your thoughts, please.
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  3. If You take care, an irridium visor can last quite a while. Had my first last July, did over 5000km in it, still perfect. Got another for my new shoei in early December, 3500km still as good as new. ( apart from a slight blemish when my lid fell off my tailbag )
  4. I wear transitions and you are right they don't darken behind any visor.

    As I ride a sportsbike I just tip my head down a bit to shade my eyes
    with the helmet.

    I guess if you're in traffic you could flip the visor up and let your glasses

    Looks like a tinted visor is the way to go.
  5. I've had the same iridium visor for 3 years now and find it fantastic.

    Sure over the years its got scratches but when its that close to your face and your looking into the distance then you don't notice the scratches.

    I do most riding in daylight and its perfect. Blocks out all the glare. You don't need your transitions to darken underneath the iridium as the view is already darker.

    Can't use it at night though....too dark.
  6. JD, I think you've found the answer for me: "VPS (Vision Protection System) - short dark shield mounted on outside of the shell and moving independently from the clear shield with 3 positions."

    Thanks to all for your responses.
  7. I wear glasses and just use a tinted visor all the time. (unless I'm riding at night).

    Problem solved. Tinted visors dont scratch easily like iridium ones, and are perfect for cutting out sunglare etc.
  8. I wear glasses for riding/driving - have always figured having a pair of prescription sunglasses and my normal glasses is easier than carrying around a spare visor. At night, clear glasses. During the day, the sunnies.
    Easy enough.
  9. OPSM have DriveWear lenses - they look like Oakly lenses, but are transitions that are not affected by tinting, kind of like a polarised affect as well.

    But beware the price @ $190 PER LENSE - so $380 every time your prescription changes.

    I had these lenses for 23 hours - I hated them, but others love them - you won't know till you try for yourself!
  10. I had similar problems till I made the ultimate upgrade: contact lenses :cool:
  11. I've used the transitional lenses, and found their performance unsatisfactory.
    At night, they reflect light back into the visor which makes it harder to see. And they just don't last. ie the transition stops working, so you need to buy a new pair.
    I now use clear lenses (with clipons for driving) and a dark visor for riding.
    If I'm expecting night riding, I carry or change to a clear visor before leaving home.
    I've found I can't use the clipon under a visor, as the visor and glass polarization interacts which creates multicolour hues which distort my vision.
  12. That's me all over along with the transitions. Don't need no stinkin' sunnys no more.