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Specs and Helmet question

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jc212, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Hey guys I haven't started riding legally yet but I have ridden on a mates in an empty parking lot a few times. Before I put on the helmet i usually have to take my specs off because it's a pretty snug fit. I've tried it with the specs but I just ended up with a dent in my frames.

    Is it normal for specs to feel uncomfortable in helmets? Are they even designed to accomodate them?

    I've read stuff about riders wearing sunnies without any problems, but even if I try to put on my specs after putting on the helmet they wont go in because of how the helmet is pushing my ears against my ears. The helmet feels fine, just not with the glasses!

    It's a bit of a big deal for me since I can't trust my eyesight 100% without my glasses and of course the authorities won't like a vision-impaired rider on the road without his prescription specs :)
  2. Is it your helmet or your mates? If you are looking to buy a new helmet just shop around try on a few with your specs, different brands fit different heads and you should be able to find one that fits yours specs and all. Have you considered contacts?
  3. Yeah the helmet is my mates, but it fits my head nice without my specs.

    I plan to go to Sydney City Motorcycles on the Princes Hwy in Kogarah to try out some helmets. Feels a bit weird but, looking for a helmet when I dont have a bike! :p
    I'm not too sure about contacts, are they reliable? I hear that they must be replenished.. bad for my pocket :cry:
  4. Specs and helmets

    I wear specs too but I have found a helmet that makes it comfortable to wear specs...I put the helmet on first then slide the specs in after. What I'd really advise you to do is go into the shop, try on a few helmets, see which ones will allow you to slide your glasses on without being too tight, try to wear the helmet for as long as you can in the shop. You will eventually find one that fits well. I went in intending to buy an arai but ended up with something that felt better. We are all different, so despite all recommendations, it's best to buy something that feels comfortable for you with your glasses on
  5. Ditto what Banjo said

    Just have to go in & try them on.
    Walk around the shop for a few mins with helmet & glasses on.

    Both myself & Mr Charmed wear glasses & just recently brought new helmets. Im fussy as hell, walked around the shop with helmet on for ages. Sales guy said to Mr Charmed, "she must be comfortable in that, she still wearing it"
  6. A coupla weeks ago I bought a new helmet. I tried on literally dozens (well, slight exaggeration) of hemlets. Some of them I had problems putting my specs on after the lid. I couldn't get the arms around my ears. This was mostly with brands like Shark and Suomy. An Arai which was a tight fit also had problems.

    It'll depend on your head shape, etc. as to what helmet will fit you best. Try them all on, and try with and without the specs. You won't find a helmet that you can put on and remove while still wearing your specs. At least, I don't know of any.

    Also, check for intereference between the top part of the face opening and your glasses. An AGV that I tried on tended to push it down. And depending on the bike that you get, if you ride in a semi-crouch or more, then you'll be adopting a "look up" attitude. This'll force the helmet down on your forehead, particularly if it's oversize. This will also cause problems.

    When discussing these issues with the sales droid, take a mate who rides, if possible. He'll soon alert you to whether the droid knows what it's talking about or not.

    And finally, don't base your selection criteria on price alone. Comfort should be number one. Then look at price, if your budget is tight.
  7. I also wear specs, and it was just taking my time to pick a helmet that allowed me to comfortably put on my glasses. I am going to be buying a new helmet soon and am considering one of the full-face flip-up front helmets as you can put those on / off without removing glasses. However, my decision to purchase one will depend on how comfortable it is in the end.
  8. As another spec'd rider, I can only echo the advice already given...

    Find a helmet that's comfy, then add the glasses... if it fails, then try again. It helps to have glasses with a stiff frame ( my fancy Maui Jims are a pain to put on!! ).

    As far as contacts go, I've recently ( 8 months ago ) swapped from glasses to contacts, and won't ever go back if I have a choice. Just the pleasure of not having to hassle with cleaning glasses, glasses that steam up ( independantly of the visor ! ), something else to drop / forget etc.. contacts are the best !

    As far as cost goes... I get mine from the States.. AUD150 buys me a year's supply, DON'T get suckered into buying them from your eye-quack - that's how they pay the rent ! Feel free to PM me for more info !

    Stay safe !
  9. I've found that the arms on spectacles can vary in their degree of flexibility. It may pay to check with your optometrist to see whether your spectacles are suitable to go inside your helmet.
  10. At the time I wasn't too happy, but over a year ago I was forced into wearing contacts due to not being able to wear glassed for 6 months. While I don't have the best prescription for contacts I can wear them without too many problems and since starting to ride a month ago I am so glad I did. Wearing glasses just makes it so much harder, having to remember to take them off before taking the helmet off, take them off before putting the helmet on, fogging up. Until I started riding I'd reduced the amount I wore contacts to save having to put them in, now I wear them daily to save the hassle with glasses.

    There are a number of different types of contact lens, most of them are disposable, but it really only gets expensive if you want single use daily disposables. If your prescription is ok you might be able to eventually get 30 day leave in 24x7 contacts. I can only use 14 day disposable, which basically last 14 days (surprise), 2 different types of lens in each eye, costs me around $100 for 3 months worth.
  11. I've had a very similar experience to Rokster. I fairly recently changed to contacts (in the last year) and the difference is amazing.

    As he said - DO NOT get sucked into buying them from the optometrists they are very expensive. Either get them from the states or from netoptical.com.au

    But back to your question....yep just what the others have already said, just have to try some lids on.

    Good luck.
  12. A mate of mine, who's loaded, incidentally, uses disposable lenses. What should be replaced say, daily or weekly, he gets up to 3 months usage out of them. Probably explains why he looks perpetually hungover when he rocks up to work each day.

    Unfortunately for me, I can't use disposables. My prescription precludes them. And when I last got CLs, about 6 years back, they cost me something like $300-400 for a pair. I still have them and wear them. But reading or viewing a monitor is a real biatch, as I'm now long sighted as well as shortsighted (astigmatism and myopia).

    Also, wearing lenses on the bike, they tend to dry out a fair bit, requiring me to carry lens re-wetting/comfort drops.
  13. I also have an astigmatism and just recently my prescription became available in disposable lenses. They have come a long way in recent years. So maybe you could also get them now? And since i got mine, i can even now order my astigmatism prescription through one of the online ordering sites! Having said all that, having myopia would complicate things i suppose.
  14. "recent years" would have to be restricted to last year, when I last got tested. I've been wearing specs since I was 7. To put it into perspective, that amount of time is equal to the answer to the life, universe and everything.

    Thing is, you need to know the question in order to understand the answer, which, if anyone's still reading at this point, you're probably totally confused and wondering what the far canal I'm talking about and what it has to do with glasses and how long I've been wearing them for (well, today it's been since 7am...)

    So yeah, I'm stuck with $300 prescription lenses every few years.
  15. Huh?? :shock:
  16. Yo jc212, cost of contacts depends on yer prescritpion and whether you get ones that last 1 day, 2 weeks, 4 weeks or crazy permanent ones. but they are the business for riding. I get them online from netoptical as mentioned above, it costs almost exactly 50% less than at the optom..brand for brand.

    Give them a try. As for sunnies under helmet (or any specs) i tried it once, never again. Inside helmet they squeeze too tight and the frames restricted vision.