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Specifications on the new Ninja 250

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, Jan 21, 2008.

  1. it was a set of clip ons and rear sets away from being fun....stupid comfort police.
  2. Max power is 1500rpm lower than zzr, but max torque is 1000rpm higher than zzr..

    It is apparently tuned for low end power, so perhaps its all an effort to get decent midrange. Will be interesting to test ride one.. if they can spare one - which I can't imagine will happen soon! :)
  3. At least it will outpace a hyo!
  4. Not hard when the hyo drops a valve every 2 seconds :LOL:
  5. sounds like a toned down gpx :LOL:
  6. I'll trade a couple of my horsies for its bigger tank :(.
  7. If these came out 12 months ago, I would of bought one.
    They look great for a 250.
  8. imo it looks better than a GPX :cool:
  9. The lower compression ratio of the new bike would play a big part in that.
  10. 150kgs, it's like an obese child.
    and wtf, it only comes in red and black?? if it's not green it's not a ninja

    it's still going to sell in bucket loads. yamaha, suzuki and honda are all screwing around with 4S 125s. hyo 250s may be in the top ten selling bikes, but i think they're about to get some very serious competition.
  11. Yeah its available in blue and green in other countries.

    I think one of the reasons people don't buy new is because its still old technology. This new ninja has FI and modern updates, people will think about buying new more seriously.
  12. Another press-release post with the only possible benefit of saving people from googling the information from the factory's website themselves. Bravo pro. Keep up the mediocrity, deep throat.