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Specialised Rider Training For Women?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by carri27, May 25, 2007.

  1. I apologise in advance for the gross generalisations i make below but it's on my mind so i'm gonna say it.

    Reading Tanyathecheeky's thread about her friend who had the serious accident recently i was struck by the fact that that's the fourth woman i know of who's had an intensely serious accident in the last 6 months resulting in massive injury or death. lots of blokes seem to have accidents too some of which of course are very serious but many of which seem to result in a few broken bones and then they're off and running again.

    this is highly likely to be a distortion by me because i take note of women's accidents more than men's. none-the-less, four women i know, or know of, in about 6 months isn't a good.

    it occurs to me that more and more women are taking up motorcycling for reasons ranging from fun to petrol prices to meeting blokes (hey, it worked for me! :wink: ).

    having said that, i feel that:
    1. the training that we get in our Ls & Ps tests is inadequate to deal with what we then face on the roads and
    2. the 'i can ride faster than you' attitude of many guys is infectious and means that we too often ride outside our comfort zone.

    i am not suggesting these are the reasons for any of the girls' accidents in question. i don't know the circumstances well enough in any of the cases to make that call. i do know however that my personal training prior to doing my Ps and then getting my bike was pretty minimal though enough to pass. it was then up to me to pursue further training which i did, but it costs a lot and not everyone does it. and meanwhile it took me 2-3 years to finally decide that trying to ride faster in the hope of one day 'keeping up' wasn't for me, f*k you all, i'll take it at my own pace. meanwhile, i was damn lucky there weren't any cars coming down the opposite lane when i ran wide trying to go faster up bulla to name but just one occassion.

    i've also become aware that a number of women, like me (albeit by no means all), find the whole process of learning to ride enormously nerve-wracking to start with, despite the lure and promise of freedom and fun to come. and a little extra training could help the confidence and therefore fun come earlier.


    1. should there be more mandatory training for all learners?
    2. Should there be specialised training for women that's as much about choosing your own attitude as it is about physical skills?
    3. am i full of crap?
  2. We all get the same training, yet women stack it more...

    The answer to this question is the same as the question "Why do men drive manuals better than women"

    The answer is that men have a mechanical understanding, therefor we just "get it" better.

    I'm sorry for the gross over-generalisation but I don't have time to sit here typing a 1000 word essay on it ;)
  3. Depends on your survey of women. Lets see your 1000 word essay.
    I know some "blokes" who cant drive.
  4. Hey Carri,

    Having read your post, i agree.

    I for one have always been into cars, bikes racing etc and as a child, raced go karts so driving/riding have come easy for me.
    However i was in shock and dismay when i went for my bike L's.

    The girls in my group were lovely girls but i wouldnt trust them as a passenger, let alone to ride a bike on the open road!!! :shock:
    Not to generalise, but most of my female mates cant drive (maybe due to confidence, lack of coordination, i dont know) and if they were faced with a situation, their lack of defensive driving skills in most cases causes the accident.

    I am a big believer in further education and if means tougher laws with testing, more money and above all saves more lives, then what the hell are we waiting for?

    The sad fact is, only bikers understand the true fact of danger on the road and those that can relate, dont see the need for tougher laws.

    Eg: In QLD, you can jump on a 600 for your first ever go on a bike and presto, you'll have your full licence within a weekend :shock: WTF?

    So i guess in conclusion Carri, you have raised a very serious issue which i support 100%. Hopefully we, a minority, can raise enough awareness to save our fellow friends lives.

  5. i think it has to do with the fact that more women are weekend warroirs and all ride vigraoes and aqulias which dont handle well to start of with.

    1. training is adeque so are the ristrictions
    2. U should all hug and chant. when going for ur L's they should have an advanced and basic setup, its always the girls that fail and drop there bikes 7 times.
    3. no just lacking in Testosterone

    the only cure is to ride more,
  6. i don't know that that's statistically true. my fear is that our accidents are causing us greater injury than those of men. this may have something to do with the impact of bitumen or cars on our bodies and nothing to do with the number of accidents in fact.

    what a completely fkn erroneous argument. both stupid and wrong.

    it's highly likely that men growing up around cars'n'bikes'n'mechanical stuff does contribute to a greater level of confidence once they start riding road bikes. so hence it might be useful to recognise that fact and offer some additional training to women. god knows you could do with some extra training in your emotional intelligence skills which comes far more naturally to most women.

    then maybe you shouldn't have taken your valuable time to post at all because it sure as hell didn't offer any value!
  7. :-k I'd be interested to know more about this. How many 'weekend warriors' crash compared to women who ride everyday/almost everyday in all manner of conditions.

    PS...most women riders I know ride everyday/almost every day. Some ride more than most men do... *cigar icon*

    Stupid comment.

    Agreed. :) Actually - I wouldn't say it's the 'only' cure... advanced rider training is on my list of future things to do.
  8. 1: WTF??? So you're saying that people whohave no road skills shoudl learn to hold a bike up, ride around in a circle @ 10ks and yep, thats its, they're ready to ride at 100ks with peak hour traffic and hoons on the road?

    I understand that when you go for your licence, the wait is agonizing and you just want in NOW, NOW, NOW...
    But sorry mate, i think as a young male, maybe you just dont like waiting but most people need a lot more training than is provided.

    2: Ok, we're not all hippie tree huggers :p

    3: In terms of the speed tolerance only being 2% and so many victorians copping fines for minimal speeding is in fact ridiculous. However, saving more lives doesnt mean a "granny state"

    Just my 2 cents worth.
  9. Carri, i can just see the idiotic male comments that will flood this topic :roll:
  10. thanks jamie for your thoughts. appreciated.

  11. yes apparently. thank you for yours and rosie's support.
  12. By the way, most of the girls i know ride sports bikes and ride almost everyday.

    Also you should be warned, if you plan on posting comments that are in no way helpful to the thread and are in some way derogatory, you will get hammered by a lot of women on here especially considering there is quite a few and the female Netrider popluation is very strong.
  13. Wow....that would have to have been the most pointless post in a long time. Congratulations. You quite obviously have no idea about this topic so how about you just take your opinions elsewhere :evil:

    Carri I think one of the biggest problems IS price. I would love to do a whole heap of different training courses, in both car and on the bike, but it's just something that I can not afford.

    Unfortunately, the costs of these things aren't going to go down any more than petrol prices are :p

    That's why places like here ARE so helpful because there are many people on here that are willing to help out the more inexperienced riders in any way possible.

    I agree with the comment above that guys just have a more mechanical mind but that doesn't mean that girls can't and won't ever be as good, if not better, than males.
  14. acoording to me and all the people i know dat didnt even go to a L or P test not to mention all the peeps that seem to keep upright without a licnse

    I got a women that does that for me

    thank you, maybe the basic course should start of with push bikes

    i like hairy women

    i agree but it shouldnt be compulosry[/quote]
  15. Okay I'm gonna wade in on this one...

    I think the key issues that separate many female riders from many male riders are psychological, and the result of the different upbringing society imposes on boys and girls.

    Boys from an early age take risks, and more likely to be into various rough-and-tumble activities, while girls, whether by nature or by conditioning or both, are less likely.

    To be good on a motorcycle, you need to have a very good respect for the level of risk involved at any given moment, and to have the faculties to be 'cool' under pressure. That is, to still be able to make the right inputs to the bike controls- both because you recognise the situation early, and have the physical ability to turn your brain's signals into physical movements of the hands, feet and body.

    We all know a new rider is more likely to 'freeze' or target fixate in a dangerous situation, thus turning a situation from which they might have escaped, or minimised into a 'controlled' crash, into something worse.

    Now we all know the need for practise and for training, and they are helpful, but IMO boys are training for bikes from an early age, and not many girls are... and if anything separates us, this is the key.

    Naturally, this is a generalisation: I know several girls who are natural and fast on a bike, and blokes who ride a bike like a slow computer handles graphics. Girls often make up for a possible lack of competence by not being cursed with as much ego and adrenaline and 'dick'. I used to think that enough practise could really make up for it, but my gal hasn't got much better in three years, and I have to admit she will never be a really good, safe rider, because she's too scared and never really in control. (though she's never fallen off).

    Sorry about the essay.
  16. You have quite successfully shown in just two posts that anything 'according to you' is not worth listening to.
  17. Lol peeahh :p

    You'd punch him if he was infront of you , wouldnt ya??? hehehehe
    I WOULD! :twisted:
  18. its hurts cause u know im rite
  19. the more i'm around bikes and bikers the more i tend to agree with this.

    thx peeahh and jamie for beating me to it. i wasn't even gonna bother responding given he's now proven is worthlessness.
  20. Why Jamie...what ever would give you that idea? O:) :twisted: :LOL: