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Special On Kevlar Jeans - cheap cheap

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Takamii, Jul 30, 2010.

  1. HI people

    before I start -- if this thread is against rules mods please delete it and accept my apologies -- I just want to inform members of netrider of a deal they can have - a win win situation

    my latest production run of kevlar jeans is filtering in

    there are some factory seconds available for $85 delivered ( limited numbers and sizes ) sizes 30,32,38,40,42 about 4 to 5 of each size all are blue colour

    the only problem is they have been overdone in the wash process - you can see the pics

    everything else is ok on them as far as quality goes

    you can find them on my ebay store - its the same as my screen name

    Thank you

  2. Hey mate.

    I am looking at picking up a pair, on the ad heading in ebay it has the different sizes, but inside the ad, they all say they have a 42" waist....
  3. Thank you -- this has been rectified
  4. Done.

    Now hurry up and send em...
  5. Packaged and ready to be posted this afternoon
  6. aww i wont have any money in my paypal till monday :(
  7. what size - as a fellow netrider I will reserve you a pair Thera
  8. any link or pictures? i cant seem to find any in the thread
  9. here ya go
  10. check your pm box
  11. Just bought a pair with the ebay name 'bigbluemountain'. Thanks for the heads up. :)
  12. Posted
  13. Picked up some size 38s. Ta very muchly
  14. Size 38 sold out
  15. Bargin bought 2
  16. will be posted for you on saturday morning
  17. Nothing is coming up when I look at items for sale by motolegion :(
  18. Just search for the words eBay motolegion in a search engine and the first few links direct you to the store.
  19. SIZE 32 has now sold out

    have size 30, 40 and 42 left in the seconds
  20. Can you tell me what these will normally be priced at when they are done?