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Special Laws for motorbikes?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Tomcatalex, Feb 25, 2008.

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  1. Are there special laws for bikes. Someone said you can use transit lanes t3 and some say bus lanes, what about the bus lanes with cameras?

    and for parking, where can you park, at the shops I park infront of the door, but am I breaking the law, and what about small spaces that are not marked for parking but fit a bike? or do we have to fill up a whole car space?

    ps Ive seen a motorbike parking next to a bike rack
  2. SEARCH!!
  3. in NSW, you can ride in all transit or bus lanes regardless of whether or not it has a camera UNLESS it states BUS ONLY which is T-WAY and those little extensions at traffic lights where buses get their own light

    hope that answers your question

  4. thanx for that but what about parking

    can we park in those small spaces that are not for car parking but would fit a bike?
    like in a side lane too small for cars and in the gaps between car spaces where there is a pillon and so on, I dont know, But I do, but am I right?
  5. Can't park on sidewalks in NSW, can only park on the road OR private property. Eg. you can park on a private driveway/space in front of a building with their permission, as long as it is actually their space and not government land...

    As for parking in little spots where cars can't - theres nothing that says you legally can.. so just do it with some discretion.
  6. further on phizog's in front of a building. IIRC you can park under an awning of a shop/property because that denotes it as private land. not sure about regular footpaths in front of shops. i think that is public land, the same thing that stops you from parking a car on the nature strip in front of your house.
  7. try the road users handbook - www.rta.nsw.gov.au

    All these simple little things are explained for everyone,usually in small words with lots of pictures!

  8. Shit you';re a lazy bastard. Every question you ask can be answered by searching.

    Regards, Andrew.
  9. I think you would not get booked (or could legally challange it anyway) as long as you parked the bike in front of the shop within the boundary of the property which means you could not encroach on the public space of the footpath area.

    ie the shopfront is back from the footpath line.

    Same laws that stops you parking on the council part of your own driveway!!!

    You may get booked by an ignorant ranger, or the business may get a breach of DA conditions in which case they would move or damage ya bike so you don't do it again (and then you would retaliate and a war will start :grin: )

    IMO in NSW just stay off the footpath...............plenty of spots to squeeze ya bike into as long as you leave room for cars to reverse into and out of the spots.
  10. Be aware if the awning extends over the footpath then it's public not privat land underneath it.......
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