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Special Forces Smart Noise Cancellation Ear Buds with GPS

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by FALCON-LORD, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. Special Forces Smart Noise Cancellation Ear Buds with built-In GPS
    The article states that “Most of the functionality does not translate readily to non-combat environmentsâ€, though I would say that a weatherproof audio GPS with multiple audio feeds and remote control would translate very well to motorcycle use…
    But then I am a geek.

  2. Falcon . . .

    If a Federation Class and a Luna Class starship was to engage a Klingon D7 Class Bird of Prey with 70% of its Cloaking Device disabled - who would win ?

  3. Whats the range?

    Do they all have working warp drive?

    Can they use warp drive or are they restricted to impellors?

    Are there any large gravitational / gas / planetery bodies nearby?

    Mmmmmm this is sounding like a scenario from Fleet training college.

    (Bonus points for the person who can name the scenario that nearly got Capt Kirk kicked out from the college when he was a "middie").....

    Klutu, it appears to need a "next generation" battle comms system to function and the GPS would be "military use only" I'll bet.
    Still nice toy....... :p (looks for drool icon).....
  4. ummm, all of the above.

    And Capt Janeway has her top button undone during battle !

    wtf !!
    I thought Falcon was telling the story !!
  5. That would be the "Kobiashi Maroo" the scenario with a no win outcome.
    He reprogrammed the test. In the end he got a commendation for original thinking.

    :LOL: :p

    Shove those tribbles where they wont fit :rofl:
  6. That's obvious - the Ferengi... :LOL:

    (but I reckon the D7 would have the advantage)
  7. Well seeing as the Bird of Prey is about a 1/4 of the size of the Luna class alone, and out manned approx 3 to one. Especially if it was the USS Titan with Captian Riker in the big chair
    The Bird would put up a good fight, worthy of song but with its cloaking device almost none active,
    I quote " Heghlu'meH QaQ jajvam! " it is a good day to die.

    Do I watch too much ST ?

  8. I've litterally (like 5 minutes ago) tried some, noise cancellation, voice enhancing ear phones.... they were pretty nifty... this model was aimed towards the industrial sector tho...
  9. Re: Special Forces Smart Noise Cancellation Ear Buds with GP

    Wiping the bugs and rain from your eyes at $1.50 while trying to read the soaking wet map flapping from the side of your tank bag translates well to motorcycle use. Grow some balls. :cool: :p
  11. Hang on a second Bob, the D7 and the bird of prey are different ships mate. The D7 is a battle cruiser and much bigger than a bird of prey.

    It's been a long while since I've been into the trek side of life, but if my memory serves me right, both the Luna and Federation class starships are smaller than the Enterprise (Constitution class) and the D7 with disruptors, phasers, torpedoes, shields and cloak... would put up a pretty good match.

    Any other views? :LOL:

    By the way, noise cancelling head phones are old technology. Pilots have been using them for years.
  12. :LOL:
    Hot dogg ! We have a weener !! lol

    Rob got it - D7 and Bird of Prey are two different ships ! :grin:

    And yeah, those headphones are cool !
  13. My cats breathe smells like cat food!
  14. I've been out "trekked". Congrats. :p
    Live long and prosper.
  15. Re: Special Forces Smart Noise Cancellation Ear Buds with GP

    Sounds and looks pretty farrken ideal to me, FL. Protection from noise, waterproof, wireless control unit can be attached to your wrist or dash, voice prompts for easy navigation, tried and true for those who cannot fiddle around.

    Great find.
  16. Nah... Not possible STV FTW.