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Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by flexorcist, Jun 15, 2007.

  1. Hey guys,

    I know that on this forum, someone must wear glasses. I went to the optometrist and well... no nerve damage, but I have light sensitive eyes and only half a metre correct focus. I thought I needed reading glasses but NOPERS.......

    He only suggests I wear my (as of next week), new specs when driving.

    My Dad has glasses and rode a bike a looooooooong time ago... but is it difficult to wear glasses and a helmet at the same time. I know sunnies are ok but they are much thicker edged and fit rather snuggly between head and helmet.

    I have a rather small head and the framing on the specs is very thin, will I have trouble with them wiggling around with a helmet on or should they be fine?? just don't want them to drop in front of face while riding?!!
  2. Put helmet on, put glasses on, go for a ride.

    Answer will be clear :grin:
  3. I wear my specs all the time under my helmet and they're very comfortable and no hassle at all. Hope it works well for you. (One extra step in gearing up, though!)
  4. So will the road :LOL:
  5. Flexible titanium wire frames, they slip easily into the sides of the helmet and are totally indestructible. I am still using a set of original titanium wire frames that are now five years and two sets of lenses years old.
  6. that's what i have :cool: goes on fine after the helmet, but it may take a few goes for you to get the nack of it
  7. Yup I have a set of those really flexy metal (titanium? dunno) frames as well.

    Every other sort of glasses frame I've had has died after a fairly short period of use when used under my helmet except for those sun glass type frames with no over the ear hook, and I find that they slide down onto my nose inside the helmet after no time at all.
  8. instant intellegence for felxo...

    sorry mate couldn't resist
    does this mean your getting a new bike?
  9. helmet on... slide glass legs in carefully between foam and head... Close visor, ZOOOM ZOOOMM!

    Open visor, take glasses out take off helmet put glasses on...

    :roll: simple...

    IN emergencies i just rip the lot off and get that wasp / bee out!
  10. Why not try using contact lenses? Or is it strictly glasses while operating a vehicle? I ask this because my friend only uses his contact lenses when driving and he pretty much needs them or his glasses to see properly.
  11. or buy a flip front helmet :wink:

    When you try the glasses on - take your helmet with you. that will give you an idea of how they fit. Wriggle the helmet about a bit - see if the glasses ride up or move on your face. If they don't have the over the ear type hook then you might find that they move around - up or down on your face depending on the style and your helmet.

    If they don't - no problem.
  12. I would like to know the trick to putting those flexible frames on as I have never been able to put them on when going for a ride

    I were contacts all the time but especially for riding

    oh to be able to afford Lasik :roll:

    welcome to the lensed side of riding Flex

  13. sorry i have yet to find a flip lid that I like... i find 90% of them hideous.
  14. Wear Glasses all the time, have bendy no frame normal glassses, sunny days use Ugly Fish you can clip in your perscription.

    However, Glasses off helmet on glasses on.

    Just don't forget you have them on when removing lid. :)
  15. +1

    I do this every day. You'll get used to it soon enough.
  16. depends on court. and when i get my licence back. and if i stop spending my money on ink and pharmacueticals. kinda aimin for a mid 90s zx6/7, not sure what 250 i'll get. they're too bloody expensive for what they are.
  17. nice.... that'll keep you out of trouble :wink:

    i'm looking at getting a VFR.. but got to get . restrct lic so i've got few more points to play with haha
  18. my glasses have very flexible frame but arent titanium. i have to slide the right arm in, then righ my right hand, push the helmet to the left to slide in the left side, dont know wht but i do.

    you get used to it. but i am investigating the laser vision correction stuff.
  19. i'll consider laser vision when xray is part of the sentence!!
  20. flip front helmets - if you find one you like - are fantastic. Easy to put on and off without removing glasses.