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...speaking of tyres....

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by puppywarewolf, Aug 18, 2004.

  1. How much do you inflate your tyres. Everyone I speak to says a different thing.

    What should I inflate my baby ZZR to that will make my bike safe and easier to handle?


    THE ZZR250 PUP
  2. Whatever your user manual says to :p
  3. I haven't got a user manual, that is why I asked.
  4. 36psi front and 38psi to 40psi rear would get you ballpark
    Call your local Duck dealer and ask if still in doubt as pressures are critical on bikes 8)
  5. My SV 650S runs 33psi front and 36psi rear.
    Standard recomendation for two up riding.
    If you check the swing are Pup, there should be a lable with the pressures on it.
  6. check the wall of the tyres , it will tell you max pressure :shock: :LOL:
  7. My bike has a plate on the frame just behind my left footpeg which tells me 38psi front & rear!
  8. check ya bike tyres, check inside the side covers, check on the chain gaurd as these are the common posting places placed by the manufactures, failing that ask a dealer.

  9. They would be approximate pressures for the OEM tyres. Every tyre is different, every arse is different too, bigger people will need more air, slinky people (like me) will need less.....


    I'm losing weight :twisted:
  10. Now I'm really confused! Does this mean there is an empirical formula for tyre pressures. psi = dmca2?
  11. My ZZR250 says to inflate to 29 PSI front and back, and if carrying pillion, inflate back tyre to 32.

    Why are all your recomendations so high??? It's a motorbike not a hovercraft.

    Them tyres are gonna burst like a fat kid after eating too many party pies at grandmas "We Welcome You Home With Your New Hip" party!!!!

    What do my fellow ZZR250 riders have on their bike? What does it say on that plate just behind left foot peg on YOUR zzr250?? hhmm????

    WHAT DO I DOOO????

    Help me Obi Wan, you are my only hope///Help me Obi Wan you are my only hope////Help me Obi Wan, you are my only hope/////Help me Obi Wan, you are my only hope//// (Can anyone guess what movie that is from? And what scene???)

    I love yous all like I always do.

    The UNDER INFLATED ZZR250 PUP. Ya'll!!!
  12. As vic sugested, It depends on the load on the bike, tyre brand and tyre wear

    Best to start with recommended pressures, then adjust them, slowly keeping an eye on tyre wear, and how your bike handles. Theres no real magic formula.

    On my GTR I run 40-42 on the front on my GT 750 I run 38
  13. Pup,
    The pressures for bigger bikes are generally higher. I've got a trumpy that runs at 36/42 Front/Rear according to manual.

    My old GPX (similar to your ZZR), ran 28/32. The pressure is really a measure of your weight. The greater weight the higher the pressure you will want for control, otherwise the tyres will feel m,ushy in corners.

    I'm close to 90kg, and ran 30psi front and 32 rear. Anything softer and the thing just wallowed around. Much higher and you don't get enough contact patch on those skinny little tyres.
    Another consideration is road condition. In wet and cold wether I prefer to drop a couple of PSI - I prefer the bigger contact patch in these conditions.
  14. To my fellow ZZR250 Pup,

    My ZZR250 Lawnmover also says 29/29 and because I'm a good boy and do what I'm supposed to do, it's kept at 29/29 with no problemos :)
  15. Reviving an old topic here...

    Just wanted to get thoughts on whether applying the pressure's given in this topic to my 91 GN 250 is a good idea? ie, about 29 to 32. I haven't got a users manual and I've searched the web for one without luck.

    I checked pressure the other night at the servo and the front was under 20, might be time for a new tyre if I'm losing that much pressure after about 2 months.

    Yes, I should have checked pressure more often, and yes, I shouldn't trust servo pressure guages. :D Although I guess the new digitals ones at servos are a bit better than the old ones that people would drop all the time.

    Any thoughts would be great!