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speaking of running from police

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by russ, Nov 17, 2005.

  1. Silly chap....death or a fine...mmmm...let's see...what would I chose??!!!

  2. very sad.....at least no innocent by-standers were hurt
  3. Pretty dumbass decision, pretty high price to pay for it.

    Too high methinks. But he rode a bike.... should have known the risks.
  4. its bikers like that that give us a bad name :(
  5. Live by the sword, die by the sword........

    What a stupid thing to do :? :x
  6. He obviously thought his life was worth less than a couple hunderd dollar fine . A waste .
  7. Sad. What possible offence is he doing in city traffic :? So not worth it.
  8. This has already been posted and i'll say it again.

    fcuk the media. Theyve gone out of their way to make out hes the wost guy on earth. Noone here knows anything about the bloke or the exact situation. Your judging someone on what the fcuking media says???

    Mate its people like you who give us a bad name in general... And again my heart goes out to his family and friends, especially having to put up with dickheads saying things like that...
  9. Mate that's a bit harsh in this case, the story only reported the facts, nothing more, it wasn't a commentary about haow bike riders are idiots.

    Of course I feel sorry for the family of the rider, no-one wants to lose a member of their family, but in this case the reported facts say that he had been riding a bit stupidly around the city a couple of times that day.

    Unfortuantely the only one in this situation that is at fault is the rider. (so the repoirted facts show)

    My condolences do go out to the family and friends of the rider though.
  10. Well i think bad mouthing the dead is a little harsh personally.

    He had commited other traffic offenses? So what? so have most people here im sure...

    And ive had a mate who got done for attempting to evade the police or whatever, i was in the car with him and he wasnt at all. It got thrown it court luckily...

    I definately dont want to start an argument about this, its a sad story. I just wish people for a little more compassionate regarding these circumstances is all.
  11. As I said when this was posted yesterday, I agree with Mik. Being a little stupid does not deserve a death sentence, this article makes it sound like it should.
  12. I agree with Chris on this one...

    I don't think anyone is actually bad mouthing the dead. He certainly didn't deserve to die. But the point is, he tried to evade police, he tried to be a smart ass.... and he paid the price.
  13. You are correct on every point, but this is still a human being, with a family who probably read the paper too. I just think it could have been a little more sensitively written.
  14. There's ALWAYS more to these stories than meets the eye.
    The media also reports when car drivers get killed evading the law so it's not an 'anti-motorcyclist' story, just a sad one. Ned Kelly got what he deserved; I don't think we have the latitude to say the same in this sort of circumstance.....
  15. Fair enough, i just didnt like the "this gives bikers a bad name comment". I mean someones death is a little more important than worrying about the stereotyping of people who ride motorcycles in my eyes...

    And i do always question what the police report, in my experience theyre not the most truthful people around. They cover their own arses, it doesnt sound too good if they report someones death who had a clean sheet and they were attempting to pull him over for going 53 in a 50 zone. Dont tell me it hasnt happened before.

    And even after the cops are finished the media then stretch the lie a little more to suit them too.

    Thats all, i just dont think a story is a good reason to make such comments about someone, especially when they aint around anymore...
  16. Somehow I don't think he would've tried to evade police if he had a "clean slate" as you put it!!
  17. Dont worry your missing my point all together :roll: ....
  18. How can the police say they were not persuing the rider? They state that they turned on the lights and siren to get the rider to pull over. In the space of 500 metres, it seems pretty unlikely that there was no persuit when he accellerated.
  19. I know a few people who have "clean slates" by this means only... And mainly lately due to Mike Rann's anti-fun laws.

    The dude was from Paralowie and crashed in Elizabeth tho, as if the media are going to be sensitive... To put that in perspective for all you non-SA'ians, thats like a ghetto boy crashing in the hood... If it had been a decent upperclass springfield chap that made the wrong decision not to stop i reckon it might have been reported slightly differently...