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Speaking of pink

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by K8, Oct 11, 2006.

  1. Just off the phone with a boyfriend and he says when he left my place on saturday he was overtaken by a bunch of bikes on the christmas hills to Yarra Glen stretch , moving at pace. He didn't notice what sort of bikes , how many or anything really except the girl rider in pink with pink... in the numberplate. Anyone here ?
    He tried to get closer ( typical) in his car but the riders were to quick for him.
    Thanks :) , now he wants me to get pink , and me a lover of the black arts.

  2. Got more than one? :wink:
    A bunch overtook him at pace and he was able to distinguish the sex of the riders? Is he sure it wasn't the pink poof?

  3. :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock:

    A Boyfriend?

    How many do you have????

  4. could have been me. i just recently got new pink plates.
  5. not coloured pink :) pink1 or something with pink in it.
  6. He had eyes only for the one and yes I think he can tell quite well .
  7. oh, wasnt me then, my plates are PINK2.
  8. Some :demon: but none are :eek:wned:
  9. That was pink angel off this forum, she rides an 06 GSXR750 with PINKI numberplate in pink and she wears a pink jacket & helmet.
  10. Ah, so someone noticed me :wink:

    yes, that was me, making my way through Christmas Hills

    Was either going to or coming from a day at the spur. Had some lovely photo's taken that day :grin:
  11. Very good eyesight, I must say.

    Yes, the rego is PINKI and it is in pink
  12. lol. I dont know. He couldn't tell me a thing about the bike. He seems to think though that the pink is a good idea because it stands out and is visible.

    Nice bike you ride. Blew his silly ford away. \:D/
  13. Since I have converted to a pink jacket/helmet, it sure has made a difference as to how drivers view me. Not only do they see me, but they are more courteous as well :)

    As for blowing off a Ford, well that would not be a hard thing to do :wink: :LOL: only joking :grin:
  14. [img:320:240:0369c0c9d5]http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/415/spur4710ak6.jpg[/img:0369c0c9d5]

  15. So a boyfreind of yours was checkin out the pink bits in them there hills :shock: