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Speaking of dodgy regos...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Tenoq, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. Batchelor you're a PITA. Or is that a Pain In The Hip-Pocket? :p

    Rego came in today... $430+. Why does it cost nearly as much to register my bike as it does my mother's Falcon? Seems a little unbalanced in terms of well... size, effect on environment, effect on pedestrians and motorcyclists they run over, effect on traffic.... etc. :roll:

    Why are we getting reamed so badly!?!? :evil:
  2. Safety levee making an already borked situation worse.
    Just pay it and STFU. :p
  3. Yep, just paid $386 for the R6 rego today. My twin cab Hilux was due last week and was cheaper at $367 :shock: HTF do they calculate the bl**dy things... "Okay, we don't want motorbikes on the road cause they're dangerous, so we will charge more for them than the cars".

    Then you have to take into account insurance. Even on lifetime rating 1 it is still double to three times as much as a car of the same value!

    It won't be long before it is going to be considered a luxury to own a motorbike.
  4. Because here in Vic we pay TAC premium. That covers us for medical expenses in event of an accident. Motorbikes fall over more often than cars do, hence we're deemed a greater risk and pay for for this absolutely priceless cover.

    Also I dont know how the is Batchelors fault. Unless I'm mistaken, rego payment has been required for many decades now, and the TAC premium has been around since the early 80's (i think).

    EDIT: If you actually look at the rego paper it has a breakdown of costs (OMG, actually look at it before whining about it? NEVAR!!)

    EDIT II: In NSW you pay a small rego fee, but have to provide a "Green Slip" which is 3rd party insurance. It only covers medical expenses of anyone you may be unfortunate enough to hurt. It can vary from year to year, just like Comp insurance, and once added to the "Pik slip" fee and rego fee ends up costing more than here in Vic.
  5. if there evor is a time that it is a luxury to own a motorbike i will be very unhappy cause my bike is my only form of transport
  6. Yep. For all the whinging that people go on about TAC, I'd much prefer it to the NSW way of doing things.

    No fault insurance, you're fully covered, inc. funeral expenses, rehab, lost wages, etc. All these benefits and TAC is still able to return a healthy dividend to the state government. The NSW model merely means that your money goes into the pockets of private insurers, most of whom are probably foreign owned.

    I wonder what they (the private insurers) would do if NSW set up its own TAC. Would they shrug their shoulders as if to say that they didn't really want the business, or would they arc up and lobby to prevent it from happening?

    BTW, I live in country Vic. My renewal for a 1995 Honda CBR1000F (the classic model, not that pooffy "RR" one...) is:

    Rego fee: $32.90
    TAC Prem (inc. $29.36 GST) $323
    Insurance duty: $32.30
    Total: $388.20

    The TAC premium includes a $50 levy for motorcycle safety initiatives, as they call it. However, add in GST and that figure comes to $56. Add in the insurance duty and the real cost of the bike levy comes to $60.45.

    The insurance duty is levied on the TAC levy, the GST (which is also levied on the TAC levy) and the TAC charge itself. So, whichever way you look at it, the basic cost of insurance gets clobbered 3 times by taxes.

    Now, let's compare this to what I paid in October for my car insurance. It's a current shape Commodore SS V8.

    Rego fee: $ 164.50
    TAC (inc. $24.54 GST) $270
    Insurance duty: $27
    Total: $461.50

    A car, which has the capability of killing up to 5 legally seated people and god knows whatever it comes into contact with, costs less to insure. Mind you, this is a "no fault" system. I would have thought that under such a scheme, that all vehicles would have been treated equally. But they're not.

    Oh well....
  7. I was referring to the pointless and ineffective revenue raising "Safety Levy" he has inflicted upon the motorcycling community. It is my understanding he's actually increasing the damn thing too, despite recommendations from his own VMAC to do otherwise. :p

    $438.80. How come my rego is $50 up on cruisingal's R6 and mjt57's CBR1000F? I don't live country, but I do live in regional VIC. :p
  8. What isent increasing in costs these days?

    The cost of living is forever increasing @ no less than the inflation rate.
    Registration is just one of many costs in life that is going up..
  9. Having been involved in an accident a few years back, where all my medical bills, loss of income etc were covered by TAC, I have no problem with the cost of rego. At least I know myself and my family are covered if something goes wrong.

    I usually have a problem when it comes time to pay though because between 2 cars a bike and a boat, the beer tokens run out pretty quick :wink:
  10. Tell me about it..

    ya up for a coupla grand a yr even B4 taking any of
    em out on the roads :mad:
  11. Thats a hell of a lot of beer I miss out on.

    Go to bed ya night owl! :LOL:
  12. Tenoq, I paid $488.00 for my ZX6 in January. So Greensborough is more $$$ for rego! My ex brother in law had a house at Rushworth years ago. The RTA (VIcroads old name) probably scratched their heads at the 16 bikes that were registered to that house!
  13. Talk about a blonde moment !! My uncle has a house on Philip Island. Now why did I not think of that earlier :roll:
  14. Dont know if its that easy these days. This was back in the mid 80's when the regos went up by about $100 per bike in one go ( if memory serves). It was a good way for 6 of us to save a few dollars. Vicroads may be a bit wiser now, although going by their customer service, maybe not :wink:
  15. I think Mouth may have posted a link before that showed what 'region' you were in for registration classification.. However, search doesn't seem to be my friend at the moment.. :(
  16. https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?p=171999#171999
  17. I would save $100 by changing my address !!! :shock:
  18. Just picking the the thread out of one of the points made, $TEVE BRACK$ legislated that all government fees and fines be automatically indexed each year.

    Prior to this, an increase was determined and calculated from time to time.

    Don't blame me, I didn't vote for him.
  19. WTF! How is my retiree-filled, touristy postcode; that is freaking rural according to Telstra; a "medium-risk" suburb? The only risk is the crappy rural-quality roads we get lumped with and the "risk" that your neighbour might get all excited if there's someone strange hanging around. :p

  20. RIGHT! I'm officially transferring all of my rego's across to my 'other' house in Warragul (3820) cos that's not on either the high or medium list.
    Heeellloooo another minimum $200 a year for both car & bike rego's!