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Speaking of crashes......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Monty, Aug 15, 2006.

  1. Had my first off last night. Westgate freeway about 5:15, wet roads (there is a give away) doing about 80ks, keeping up with traffic but leaving a fair amount of room cause of the conditions but a cage in front hauled on the breaks next thing I am thinking uh oh :shock: as I lost tracktion on both wheels. Next thing I remember is a pain in my finger (as it got sqashed between the handle and the road, and then a bit of a slide a few tumbles and a "f%$k gotta get off the road before some B2!#$%^d hits me!" Got to the emergency lane and there is my baby all scratched looking at me lying in the middle of the road....thank god for fully comp insurance......

    The fact that I am here today with a badly bruised finger, sore knee, chest and wrist is testament to fully gearing up! I am thanking the durability of draggins right now! :grin:

  2. Sorry about that mate. There are really no guarantees, its smart of you to be sensible, wearing protective clothing and maintaining a safe speed. Otherwise you could have suffered far worse injuries. Kudos, my friend. Anyway, wounds heal and this type of experiences makes a person a better rider.

  3. Good thinking!

    Hope the damage to the bike isn't too bad.

    Have you been checked by doctors yet?
  4. Sorry to hear about that... hope you get everything sorted out..
  5. Monty, glad you came thru reasonably well - westgate is deadly sometimes. Glad you were geared up well.
  6. evil. did the car stop and explain why they hit the brakes so hard?
  7. good to hear you're ok mate.

    shame about the bike, but she'll be right with insurance :D

    go get checked out, sometimes a cracked rib feels alot like a bruised rib lol
  8. Bad news.

    Remember when it rains after a few days of nice weather that a lot of crap sits on the road surface and makes the roads *very* slippery.

    Glad you're OK.
  9. Just got back from the Dr's. Will survive, says I will feel worse tomorrow then come good. Strains and bruises.....worst injury is I will lose the nail on my left ring finger....Spectre and I get married in 5 weeks and I am going to have a gammy finger!

    Dont think the car in front even saw me go down, was well gone by the time I was up. a car behind and a truck stopped and helped me up, the truck guy (ex rider) stayed a while to make sure I was ok. evveryone was really helpful, even the police had a laugh as we were explaining the old rego sticker on my bike :roll:
  10. Bugger, bad luck. Seems you got off pretty light though, good to hear.

    How's the bike? What tyres were you on? And what type of bike is it?
  11. Not sure about the bike, it is at theTAC impound, going to contact insurance next.

    ZZR 250, Not sure of what type of tyres they are.
  12. Why??

    They probably didn't even see him go down and besides it's the responsibility of the following vehicle not to hit the vehicle in front not the other way around.

    That said, if I was in the car in front and saw a rider go down behind me I'd pull over to check but like I said you've got to see it happen first.
  13. It is a her...... :)

    But true all the same!
  14. That sux!

    Hopefully, you've had your inevitable fall and there are no others.

    Glad to hear you're basically ok.

    +1 What Lil said.


  15. Ah, shit. :(

    I'm glad to hear you're in one piece. Take care and heal up well. :)
  16. Hey Monty,

    Good to hear you're ok with only minor injuries... always sad to hear of another rider going down, but hopefully there's lessons to be learnt from your off :idea:

    All the best with TAC/Insurance, hope you're back on the bike quickly :)
  17. Good to see you came out of OK. Sorry about the bike though.

    This twigged something I was wondering a while ago about coming off in the wet. Does the rain reduce the amount of road rash by lubricating and cooling as you skid?
  18. I came off in the wet outside the Prahran cop shop (caught out by the tram tracks). The wet helped with the slide. Fully geared up in Joe Rocket cordura, so only slight scuffy on the suit and a sore elbow.
  19. Bad luck on the off...it's good that you ended up ok. Even better that you have full comp.
  20. Glad to hear you OK. Don't worry about the gammy finger, just order an over-sized ring.