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Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by chani, Jan 7, 2007.

  1. I've decided I want to be a Sparky.

    I've spent a good half of this evening trowling job search sites & sending off resumes. But I know that the "friend of a friend" situation usually works out to be more beneficial. So, I was wondering if there's any lovely NRs that are, or know of any companies in Melbourne, that would take on a twenty two year old chick as a first year?

    I'd prefer Industrial or Commercial, so I don't have to crawl under houses or in roofs with spiders. Ha, a bit silly I know.
  2. Hey chani, have you spoken to any apprentice sparkies?

    A good friend of mine [guy, 19yo] has finished his first year. He was placed through an apprenticeship agency (really top notch, you have to pass exams and a physical and stuff) and has been involved with a lot of commerical building work around the Lane Cove development in Sydney.

    In his experience: he works with complete arseholes who treat him like he should know things he doesn't and give poor directions. For a while he really hated it and wanted to quit but decided to push on - I think now it's just the thought of the qualification and running his own small business that is keeping him going.

    I'm not saying it won't be an awesome job for you - just that depending on how you approach it, it may not be what you're expecting.
    Big difference between dead-line cabling of 3-phase in a sky-scraper competing with plumbers for tools/ladders/air and putting in extra power-points at grandpa's house :)

    Just do your homework, and if you've found a good place to work for and get training from, then go for it!
  3. I was an apprentice sparky for about nine months before I gave it up. Apprentice wages really do suck. I was clearing just over $200 per week but spending more than half of that on fuel to get to and from sites or the workshop.

    I was employed through a group training organisation and found that as soon as you sign the forms so they can claim money from the government, they didn't want to know about any of the problems I was having with a certain employer. In my nine months I was placed with 5 different host employers who needed a labourer for a short period. None of them really provided any sort of training. When I complained I was told that I'm a first year apprentice, what do i expect :evil:

    If being a sparky is something you really want to do I'd reccommed trying to get an apprenticeship through a private business. Generally they will pay a little more and because you are an employee they tend to treat you better as you may become an fully licenced 'A' Class sparky with them after 4 years. That said though you will always be sent off for left handed screw drivers and such :LOL:
  4. why do you think Industrial/Commerical Electricians don't crawl around in roof spaces, they still have to crawl around in ceilings in high rise buildings.
  5. Ok, I have done my research, a very good friend of mine is a sparky.

    I also know that apprentice wages suck, BUT I also know that being over 21 they have to pay you award for over 21y/o. As in, I would get paid like a normal person, not $200 a week.

    My friend that I was speaking with last night, which lead me to totally decide this was what I wanted to, told me EVERYTHING I would be doing, from old houses/new houses to heavy industrial. I am aware that there are spiders EVERYWHERE, since I am deathy affraid of them, I notice them. But he told me I'm less likely to come into contact with spiders if I don't do domestic.

    I don't think sparkies don't crawl around in roof spaces, I KNOW they do, that's not the problem.