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Spark Plug "proper" Wrench and socket - necessary?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by SJade, Jul 19, 2010.

  1. I have a 2001 Honda CB250 and would like to examine/replace the spark plugs on it. It didn't come with any tools and the manual says I need an 18mm Spark Plug Wrench. After looking around some tool stores today I've failed to find one (they're all 16mm or 21mm). I can get one from the states for about $20 AUD. OR, one of the guys at autobarn told me just to use a long 18mm standard socket on a torque wrench, but put a bit of rubber hosing inside the socket to protect the plug.

    What do you guys think? Buy the proper tool or is a normal long socket fine?
  2. I use deep 18mm, and just take care to keep it straight..
  3. That's what I'd do. The main purpose of the rubber bit in spark plug sockets is not so much to protect the plug as to hold onto it so you can get it out and in again to deeply recessed plug holes. Depending on how "buried" the plugs are, you might need to use a short length of something like fuel hose pushed onto the end of the plug to let you get the thread started when you put them back in if they're deeper than you can reach with fingers.
  4. Check your standard tool kit.
  5. SJade: It didn't come with any tools

    Loz: Check your standard tool kit.

  6. I would have sworn it took a 16 mm socket. So I went and checked and definitely 16mm on LizzyM's 1996 model.

    So my recommendation is to take your bike down to Auto barn and let them slip a 16mm plug wrench and a long 18mm socket on it to see which it really is.

    If it is 18mm a standard deep socket or tube spanner should be fine. But if you are planning to import one from US I would definitely go check that a 16mm doesn't fit first.