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Spark plug covered in oil

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by chuchu91, Oct 17, 2011.

  1. Hey guys just went through my girlfriends new rvf with just a simple service. When I took out the spark plugs they were covered in oil. What could it be?

    I cleaned it, put it back in, started and ran fine. Took it out and covered in oil again. Only took out the back two plugs.

    If any more information is needed please let me know. The bike has 36k on it.

  2. are you sure it's oil and not petrol? spark plugs will get fouled with petrol if the carbies are running rich.
  3. If it's running properly and not blowing smoke everywhere, then I suggest the oil got there as you removed the plugs. It's possible there's oil leaked into the plug holes or something.

    This was wet black oil - right? Not a soft, dry, black sooty deposit? Unleaded fuels don't burn tan - they burn black.

    Does your phone have a camera in it?
  4. You sure it's oil?

    When I take the plugs out of my VFR (pretty much same engine) after a run, they are a bit wet blackish...not drowning but a little bit.

    Carbies might be flooding as said above and come out more wet than it should. Be a good idea to pull the carbies off and given a once over to double check nothing is stuck etc.
  5. You dont say whether it's the THREADS of the spark plug, or the ELECTRODE, that are covered with oil. The threads having oil on them is no big deal, it helps them to turn in and come out easily, but oil on the electrode is a bad sign; worn rings at least.
  6. Reseal or replace your rocker cover gasket.