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Spare tire

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' at netrider.net.au started by pvda, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. Ever wondered where the term "Spare Tire" came from for someone carrying a bit of extra weight??

    Well here's the answer.


    Yes I know we spell it Tyre here but seeing I borrowed this from the US Navy Safety Center web site......

    Also thanks to Worksafe Victoria's Safety Soapbox weekly newsletter for point me to it.

  2. By the look of him, he doesn't trust ANY of his t(y)ires, he hasn't got his feet on the pegs :LOL:.
  3. its just a poor imitation of the michelin man.
    the kiddies at the party he's heading to are gonna be pissed.

  4. He cant raise his knees high enough to get his feet to the pegs. Must be the extra bit of weight he has put on around the middle.
    :-k Next Biggest Loser contestant maybe :LOL:
  5. Is that one of those inflatable safety thingies? :p

    If so he'd better tread carefully...

  6. Heh heh I've ridden across Melbourne a few times with a pair of tyres around me like that. Gets you some odd looks at the lights!
  7. getting the tyre on isnt the problem its removing them at the end of the ride.

    (do not) reccomend soapy cold water to remove the tyre
  8. Now Loz you know full well it's not the tyre around your waist that's causing the weird looks, it's you........ :LOL: