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Spare parts shopping

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by Kezza53, May 7, 2007.

  1. Is there anywhere I 'aught' to know about shopping for parts and bling for my Honda VT750? Recently smashed a rear light and thought maybe I need to buy more than one replacement the amouint of times I dropped it one weekend! I live in the north but I am going to melbourne this month...could do some shopping there maybe....I just read that Dragin Jeans are made in Sth Melbourne? Is it worth buying them direct. Latest model pants are around $ 260 at my local bike dealers. Any help and guidance appreciated.

  2. Parts:
    www.findapart.com.au searches various wreckers around Australia & emails results to you

    www.victorianmotorcyclewreckers.com.au popular wreckers in Vic, there's also another in Dandenong but I cant recall name at minute

    www.dragginjeans.com.au might be cheaper ordering online than via your store however direct sales are cheaper, and sometimes slightly discounted if you use cash not card or buying more than one pair etc.
  3. Thank you. You are all so willing and helpful. While I am at it I read Rosie forum on tyre mending thinggy...she prefers the foam stuff rather than the mending kit. I can honestly say I couldn't see me on the side of the road fixing a flat either so I am guessing they sell that stuff for certain size tyres yes? A little of that stuff goes along way...picture the scene with an over fill! Your knowledge and experience appreciated Ta.