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Spare A Thought

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by dane75, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. In the midst of fires burning across the country I think we should all spare a thought for those fighting fires and fearing for their homes and lives. Hopefully none of us lose loved ones or property.

    I think there should also be a call for much much harsher imprisonment terms for arson

  2. +1

    And best of luck for all netriders in the fire front (especially those around drouin and marysville. :(
  3. yea, saw the plumes of the bunyip one from work.

    hope everyone is ok./..
  4. I'm off to DSE Heyfield early tomorrow.
    Was up at Dargo last night.
    Who knows when we'll have today's jobs rounded up?
  5. My sister lives in Bul Buln East and they came under some ember attacks.
    Her husband has the full gear and a full Dam from very decent winter rainfalls.
    At one stage they were told to evacuate, she took the dog and some important papers but got as far as Drouin on the princes freeway before being told to "turn back no use fire is across both sides"
    She's at home when I rang her and everything is under control now that the weather has changed, it even rained.
    Embers still fall occasionally but they are in a good position.
    She's pissed off because they can't order a pizza ;)
  6. My Mum also lives in Buln Buln East (on top of Springsure Hill) , she said they had a large fire just down the rd (1 or 2 km max) easily visible and were under ember attack but the rain had helped calm things down. And my Dad lives not far from Churchill and had the fire there very close to his house...
  7. My cousin's brother in law's house was damaged in droiun and are still battling the fire thee.
    In Buln Buln East my sister is near the old telegraph road lots of smoke and ash and a few embers but eerily calm at the present time.
    My mum is driving me mad at the moment
    "what's her exact address etc?"
  8. Where is Elvis when you need him!!! :cry:
  9. He's been run off his little blue suede shoes, Memphis. Not sure if this is Elvis....but they're all awesome and do an amazing job.


  10. Mum is out on the outskirts of Drouin - she's had the car packed and ready to go all afternoon. She said a couple of houses caught on fire near her but she's ok atm. The stuff in Kinglake is just horrible though :(
  11. No, they are not okay. There have been some deaths.

    To those affected by an incident associated with the Victorian Country Music Festival in Whittlesea - my thoughts are with you.
  12. How incredible are our Aussie volunteer firefighters? How much worse would things have been without their self-less efforts?

    Our prayers are with the families of those who have lost loved ones, and property :(.
  13. +1
    We have friends close to Bunyip. Luckily the fires were kind to them yesterday. I feel for those who have lost loved ones. It's a SAD day indeed.
  14. Jay and I evacuated late yesterday afternoon. Chances are we've lost everything, but we may be lucky. We're staying at mum's ATM and have the dogs and the clothes that I brought in from the line an hour earlier and important paperwork and that's it. Mum has only recently moved into her place after her house was badly damaged in a housefire in 07.

    It's been a very long night. The hotlines are chockers and we can't info on road closures. I spent almost an hour on hold with the bushfire hotline.....

    This has been one of the scariest events of my life.

    We drove past the fires at Train Trak in the Yarra Valley and could see flames as we came up over Dom Dom saddle on the spur.

    It happened so fast.
  15. I think that is the other one. I saw it in Victoria when there fires were going strong. I've not heared any mention of Elvis this whole summer.

    Hope they can get on top of the fires for you guys.
  16. My thoughts and condolences area with everyone impacted by the fires. It's difficult for me to comprehend the devastation. Listening to the reports that Marysville has gone, that Kinglake has gone, it's hard to imagine how it is. These are places that I would ride out to for coffee.

    And to hear that some fires have been deliberately lit, it defies belief.
  17. He's been around, we had both down this way yesterday and it was at the Lysterfield / Endeavour Hills fire.

    The reports that are coming in of lives, properties and whole towns lost is horrendous. When we heard the forecast of how bad yesterday was expected to be, we never imagined how bad it actually would get....it's just devastating. The terror that people trying to escape the fire must have experienced, it doesn't bear thinking about.

    Our thoughts are with everyone affected by the fires.
  18. I umpired Premier cricket yesterday in Ringwood and standing out in the middle of the field, I was just watching these clouds of smoke pour over thinking that this cannot be any good indeed.

    Premier Cricket was the only cricket to go ahead yesterday and today I have to back up for a one day grand final. However, that is nothing compared to all those firefighters that are still working from yesterday without any rest.

    Hopefully no more lives will be lost.
  19. I'm trying to follow what's going on back home with you guys from over here and I'm completely dumbstruck. My thoughts go out to everyone :(
  20. This mornings news reported 25 dead. Terrible.