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Spanners and Homebrew Aug20th 19:00

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Slow Coach, Aug 18, 2010.

  1. Had put this in the calender.

    Fri Aug 27th, 2010
    [VIC] Spanners and Homebrew

    Ok let us try this again. I will be putting the bird back together this time. Should be more successful. Have learnt my lesson.

    I am doing a major service on the Blackbird with some beer to wash away the grease. Can fire up the BBQ if required as well.

    Friday night will involve stripping the bike measuring clearances, removing shims if they need replacing etc.

    Saturday morning 11am will be used to put the bike back together with new shims if required.

    PM me for address etc. Looking at starting at 7.00pm.

  2. awww I want to come check out the valve clearance and help on other things but too bad I'll be working at Coles, maybe I'll see you at the check out
  3. woohoo cam i think the missus is heading out for a girlie drinks night, am i am interested leaning how to do shims....you wanna pm me the addy?
  4. I'm keen, pm sent!
  5. messages sent with address.

    Maybe I should read up on how to do this.

  6. I think Cam is too.

    Put me down for YB
  7. You do realise that if you need to adjust anything, you need to go buy shims?

    I'll try to get there if I can, I believe there is a massive load of new beer that needs to be dealt with.
  8. Yes Loz that is why reassembly will be on saturday morning if required and more spanner spinning on Saturday at about 11 am. If spanner spinning not needed then drinking can commence early.
  9. i'm interest to learn.. pm sent... might be able to give a hand where i can

  10. yeah i just prefer to learn on other ppls bikes :LOL:
  11. So will this be a case of the blind leading the blind?

    Have an idea the thing out the front of my house with two wheels and an engine is a motorbike. That is about as far as my knowledge goes. hehehehehe
  12. should see ya in about 40 or so mins.
  13. Good night, even though I only stayed for less than an hour =]
  14. Ok. Well I hoped to do too much. Would have been better if we had not drunk so much beer. I should be able to finish measuring clearances this afternoon.
  15. Finished measuring the gaps and all of my exhaust clearances are out of tolerances. So off cam the cam shaft, removed the valve followers and removed the shims. Bloody hell they are so small.

    So will order replacements tomorrow and fit them sometime this week. May do another spanner night but with less homebrew.

    You guys gave my stocks a good hit.
  16. I swung by while you were out. Will try again next time.
  17. Re; liquid refreshment during "work", Over the past thirty something years in the mechanical trade I have decided that the enjoyment of a beer or three whilst on the tools is far outweighed by the possibly of an error....
    My opinion only though...many would disagree.
  18. The secret is too keep drinking past that point. You still make errors but you no longer give a sh!t.

    Of course the truely professional approach is to only drink while you are working on Cam's bike. That way you won't even care once you've sobered up.

    And still like the YB
  19. The smart option is to drink while some else does the work, and only let them drink after everything's done. All you need is a shotgun and a chair :nod:.
  20. looking forward to your next spanner night, the white blade needs some organ changes