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Spanner Night - Completely Forked Seals - Tue 6 Jan

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Chef, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. It's time to give my bike a nose job as it's leaking fluids in a nasty manner.
    So I'm doing fork seals for the first time. They are GSXR600 USD 04 jobbies.
    I'm out of my depth with this stuff, so it's Lozzo to the rescue :grin:
    Most of the oil has drained out of one side which means half a step less. This is gunna be a piece of piss so come along and learn something.

    My place
    7:00pm onwards
    PM for addy

    *EDIT* hehe oops :oops: It will be held in the Sth Eastern Suburbs near Dandenong in case you were wondering.
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    I'd love to come and watch as I need to do this to mine next month. But I cannot get a leave pass two nights running :(

    Good luck gents.
  3. Look carefully at the empty fork, cos the bushes don't like no oil.

    pm me your addy. I will come if I can.
  4. #4 Chef, Jan 5, 2009
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    Will do. I went out to shed today and there was a puddle of the stuff on the floor, so it's well rooted.

    Tell her about all the money you'll save learning how to do it yourself, and how much she'll be able to buy with it.
  5. That's how I'm allowed to run the Wednesday spanner night ;)
  6. Yay!! Somewhere close enough that I can go home in case of any emergencies :grin:
    If I can get Maddy to 'Nana-sit' I will wander round the corner for a social visit.
  7. Be good to see you Flip, we need to see if young Maddy is available this weekend to sit for us, we have a wedding to go to Sat night.

    I don't do wheelies bro. Under hard acceleration i have a massive weight shift from the front to the back of the bike and the front wheel goes light, it's a well known design flaw in that model. :wink:
  8. Nothing remotely to do with fork seals I know, but my striple seems to be spewing out coolant from somewhere. It's due for a service, but I can't get it in anywhere for at least another week. I'm going on the Whitfield ride and I'd really appreciate it if I could along and someone could help me sort it out before the ride. I have no idea if it's an issue or not, but would just prefer some piece of mind.
  9. I'll pop by
  10. Call me Donna. You know where I live.
  11. I spoke to Yolande today and said yes on behalf of Maddy, so consider yourselves off to a wedding on Sat night. Will get Maddy to call you.
    Cya tomorrow night
  12. Bring it and it shall be done. Get here as early as you can, I've got two bikes in the shed to do. :)

    Nup ,dunno what happened there, it's also got something to do underground rivers and lay lines in the earth's crust, but i didn't want to mention it and sound like i was bullshitting.

    I'll warn the neighbours
  13. Mmm. My coolant had a bit of a squirt again today in the heat, but now I know where the bottom drain plug is I'll get the air out from there and see if that doesn't fix it for a while. I wouldn't be surprised if you've got a bit of air stuck in there too Donski, that's expanding and making the coolant piss out the bottle when you stop the bike hot.
  14. *(Posting from a mate's - Wayne in Albury here)

    Check the hose clamps on the radiator hoses. It had been reported a while back by some overseas ST owners at the 675 Forum, and when I checked mine I found them to be quite loose at the radiator. A quick tighten with a screwdriver (they're just regular metal ones) and it's been fine ever since. I was finding a bit of leaked coolant but couldn't work out where from. That fixed it.
  15. Taking the grandson to the museum & aquarium this avo, but if we get back early enough I'll be there.
    Can ya PM me your addy again plz mate. Lost it :roll:

    Cheffie ... doin wheelies ? :shock:
    You must be mistaken Kishy :LOL:
  16. That's what i keep telling him. Finally, someone agrees with me. Thanks mate.
  17. I went to PM Chefy but apparently i need to have written more than 7 posts before i can.

    Well, i've just moved to melb from Perth. Need to get out and about to meet you riders. If there is room for one more to sit around and talk shit give me a PM with your address details.

  18. I/we might drop by.....always love farking around with others bikes :LOL:
  19. PM sent Sammy.

    Be good to see you Stewy, can you brings your forks with you? Just in case.
  20. yeah i'll be able to make this one.

    see you all tonight.

    edit: Vinnie (VCM) and I will be there about 7:30ish