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Spanner night #16 this Wed... ??? Suggestions?

Discussion in 'VIC' started by Loz, Jul 14, 2008.

  1. Anyone got work that needs to be done?

    I've got an oil change to do on Cheng's Across - which includes a bastard of an oil filter to get out from behind the pipes - and there's always that wacky brake thing sitting on my desk (which I'm putting off with all my might), but surely there's some other projects out there that need doin'.

    Any ideas?
  2. my bike has a loooong list of stuff needed to fix thanks to a canary.

    but unfortunatly i think im gonna be busy on wednesday night.
  3. I could do a once-over of my bike ... it needs a clean and I would like to make sure everything is a-ok. Can bring the bike to your house if you want.
  4. :LOL: Ah dear, the dark side of heavily modified bikes.... What's gotta be done?
  5. at least i got through the lams loop holes. its lams compliant

    *rear number plate is not perpendicular to the ground (no idea how i modify the back guard for this yet)

    *muffler too loud (needs internal rebuild and repac hopefully enough to keep it quiet) also need to make up a beter bracket

    *rear brake pads

    *leak around rocker cover(just reseal i think)

    *front brake lever (already replaced)

    *front brake switch/light. i tested with a multimeter already...this ones a mystery that needs more beers

    *pillion peg was loose (actually fell off later that day...so problem fixed lol :oops: )

    *I also just noticed one rear indicator was de globed. thanks to the exhaust bracket being a bit crappy

    i think that was it....he ran out of ink at that point. at least i didnt get fined. Hes probably on here...nice enough bloke
  6. Crikey that's a fair list. He must have known his shit!
  7. Sure mate, anything particular in mind?

    As for this cleaning thing, it's not really a specialty of mine. There's been entire parts of my bike held on purely by road gunge and chain lube. :)
  8. And the location for said spanner nights is ?
  9. Not really that much of an issue with my bike ... we can concentrate more on bens if you want ... more or less I just want to make sure everything on my bike is ok and not going to fall apart or anything ... lol
    You will understand when I see you.
  10. thats a good question :LOL:
    anyone know where???
  11. Location is wherever we can find a garage with light! Any volunteers there? Can use my place again if we need to.
  12. Have we had a fall? :LOL:
  13. well he was a bike cop. and mustve thought i was just a cool young dude that could be taken down a peg or too for my own safety. and i wasnt even speeding or whoolieing.
  14. I got valve clearances that need checking on the hornet, that and mixture settings. I'm guessing clearances would be a 'no-go' if we cant mix and match shims, so I'd need to buy a shim kit.
    If you ever need a venue in Dandenong Loz .. give me a call.
  15. I could be a goer for this brake thing loz. Just waiting to find out what time my shackles will be opened! lmao
  16. hi guys,

    i'm in to, i need to do an oil change as well on the spada but i'll see if i can get myself organised for wed and let you know(it's a piss easy job anyway). Thinking of maybe doing my forks to but i don't think i'm dedicated enough to that venture to have it ready by wed.

    pm me when we decide where it's at.

  17. I think the suggested dandenong garage might be a good one ... hopefully bigger than loz's place and perhaps a bit more lighting available ... let us know ...

    And loz ... did I 'say' I had a fall??
  18. I can be at Dandy for the tom-foolery :grin:

    Let me know when we have the addy :)
  19. Yo D4, what exactly do you wanna do to the forks? Just fresh oil, or are you thinking springs and seals? Fork oil's fifteen bucks from any bike shop.

    So it looks like we might be dong a couple of minor services, one check over of G2teg's bike that he never said he stacked, a possible fork oil job and a test of that weird brake thingy if Envy-t's apron strings are loosened for the evening. :)
  20. ok loz ... wo where we going to do it??
    do we have the dandy address or just at your place??