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Spanner Days

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Drew, Aug 31, 2006.

  1. was just curious if any spanner days were likely to be planned for Melbourne anytime soon.

    Now i have a bike i want to be able to the basic stuff myself


  2. Drew,

    One of the best tips is to buy a Haynes manual or similar for your bike. They aren't cheap, but if they teach you how to do 1-2 things yourself, it will already pay for itself.

    Good luck with the bike.
  3. Drew.. I have the same question but a bit shy to ask..
    Am happy to chip in for bbq or drinks if that happens...
  4. Well i've got a dodgy pdf Honda factory warkshop manual for the bike,

    sorta after stuff like when to pil chain and how to do it correctly. stuff like that and oil change i should be ok with once ifigure out which filter i need to get.
  5. I too would love to participate in the next spanner day! I missed the last one unfortunately.

    Does anyone know if a Haynes manual is available for the Hyosung GT250R?
  6. Well I missed the last spanner day and was really looking forward to it... hoping there'll be another soon, and I'm happy to put in for food/drinks etc. :)
  7. The spanner days really benefitted me last time, and coz of that I'm happy to put in whatever is needed to help if there is one next time. :]
  8. Im also interested in knowing some basics and happy to chip in if there is one organised.
  9. looks like we have some willing participants.

    so who knows a spannerjockey that can run a spanner day?
  10. come on.. help the newbies out.. :LOL:
  11. Well PNUT's done a good job, and I can help out on most maintenance type stuff, but my garage ain't big enough. We could tap Deyago on the shoulder, his garage is bigger than his house!

    There's plenty of other Netriders who are very handy with a spanner who could probably be tempted to help out for a six pack.... Nudge nudge!

    What happens on these days? Oil and filter changes, chain maintenance, light globe changes, cables, brake pads... Bearings? Brake systems? New chains/sprockets? Fork maintenance?

    As long as it's within the small realm of what I know, I'm happy to help out.
  12. Loz, perhaps we should also hold a "you bend-em, we mend-em" day as well

    No, wait, you may get accused of "insider trading"

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Quiet, baldy, or I'll come ride in front of ya! :LOL:
  14. Hey Guy's, be cool, as soon as Bren & I get moved into our new place we'll run heaps of 'spanner days', 'race tuition' and technical explanation group sessions.

    Although I haven't seen it yet (tomorrow is my first time), our new place has huge workshop area, and we have heaps of tools, I'm sure many Netriders can use the workshop with some guidance for smaller jobs.
  15. hahaha :)

    You have already done that though :p
  16. Loz and Johnny O... Thanks in advance...

    and Vic.. thank you too :LOL:
  17. Cheers guys.

    [6 pack cooling in the fridge]
  18. I'll add in another 6 pack or better if it's on a day I don't have something on.

    Added: I walked out to the parking lot to mount the Across last week only to find a previous Across owner having a look over it. He wisely advised me that the manbag can carry upto 18 cans, that should keep people pretty happy.
  19. Ah yes I forgot entirely about the new Netrider technical HQ that's opening up in Burwood where Johnny and Bren just moved in. Wait til you see this place, there will be spanner days galore.
  20. I can mow lawns...lol a contra deal :wink: :p