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Spanner Day!

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Androo, Jul 5, 2005.

  1. Spanner Day

    a chance to practice doing basic maintenance on your own
    bike with a few more experienced members to help out :)

    Date: 1st October (2 Weeks prior to the MotoGP)
    Time:1pm onwards

    Location: Race Replica Kawasaki in Brookly (Geelong Road, corner of Millers)
    - 5 minute squirt from the Wetgate Bridge.

    here's a few things that could be done:
    - oil/filter change
    - air filter check, clean or replace
    - coolant change
    - fuel filter
    - carb clean/tune/balance
    - valve clearance check
    - brake pad check/replace
    - brake fluid replace (quick, cheap, and very worth it)
    - clutch fluid
    - suspension adjustments
    - chain adjust/lube
    - lube throttle/clutch cables
    - adjust levers etc

    This event is suitable for anyone who wants to do some work on
    their bike, including new riders :)

    Owners will need to bring along things they need for the job like oil,
    filters and a few basic tools. We will supply the specialised
    tools like vacuum guages, feeler guages, and a few socket sets.

    There are dyno sessions on offer for $20 (very cheap!) for those
    interested. BBQ lunch, drinks etc.

    spanner day is merely an opportunity for bike owners to implement
    knowledge that they have gained individually from tafe courses, factory service
    manuals or another reliable source. any individual who does not feel
    comfortable performing maintenance tasks on their vehcile may not attend.

    it is the sole responsibility of the owner to ensure that any maintenance done
    is satisfactory and safe. any advice given on the day is merely the opinion
    of the person giving such advice, and no claim is made as to the accuracy
    or correctness of such advice. the owner acknowledges that no duty of
    care is owed with regard to the accuracy of technical advice.

    spanner day is a social event amongst friends. participation in spanner day
    does not consitute any contract. however, by participating in spanner day,
    you are agreeing to all the terms of this disclaimer
  2. I was thinking we could spend say 10 minutes describing each task, then
    everyone goes off and does it with a few "experienced" people to answer
  3. haha really? how did the other ones go (or not go)?

  4. 35th of Jan, would that be the 4th of Feb
  5. Personally I think it all comes down to people's attitude as to how well it goes. Though I must say its short notice but good on you for suggesting it Androo

    I would come but I don't need anything done to the bike atm.

    the SVdownunder forum just had a spanner day on Sunday


    just to give you an idea of what can be achieved in one day
  6. It would be fairly easy to organise.

    If there is enough interest then we'll make it happen.

    I'm sure Dynoverks would loan us their workshop for a Sunday ;)
  7. I'm keen, I would love to see some mechanical basics :D

    Although, I don't need anything done to my bike and to be honest I'd be very cautious about doing anything to it anyway (thank god I have a good mechanic who doesn't rip me off and who takes the time to explain 2-stroke maintenance basics)
  8. Hey i think it is a briliant idea!!

    Two things... valve clearences on some bike need to have the engine almost removed from the frame (kawasaki ER-5)

    simple parts like oil filters, oil, air filters, spark blugs etc. would have to be orgonised b4 the event..

    Hence perhaps setting up a register of what needs to be done?? and what parts are needed??

    I can supply fiew consumables like brake pads and spark plugs but have some difficultys with filters...
  9. that'd be awesome!

    you'll be there to cook, wont you vic :D :D :D
  10. Sounds like a sneaky way of organising a pissup if you ask me
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  12. I could be wrong here..but hopefully I'm not, the reason I feel that "Spanner Days" don't work is that people have parted with their hard earned cash for their bikes. As a result, those that don't do any maintainance (the ones which the spanner days would be most usefull) would rather pay for some mechanic to do it "professionally" and take the "leave it to the professionals" approach than stuff it up themselves. This is understandable as some fcukups on bikes can be expensive. But this puts the mechanically-challenge bikers in a positions of never learning anything about their bike and such spanner days are just a pipe dream. A catch-22 situation. A solution I see possible is that if people are willing to have a go, all work needed can be done with some guidance from the more experienced ridrs here.

    On another point, would you want some "stranger" working on your baby. What happens if something does go wrong?? :? Yes, we all belong to netriders, but how well do we know know your fellow netrider. I hope i don't offend anyone here by saying this, this is not my intention.

    Having said this, I'm sure there are many netriders who own some of the high-powered rockets that do all their maintainance on their bikes and feel comfortable with their own mechnical skills and NEVER have any problems with their bike. Kudos to you!

    Personally, I would like to see this happening as I would like to have a go at the more complex bike maintanance. To me this would mean, changing sprockets, brake pads, bleeed carbies, remove fuel tank, change air filter.

    I'll finish* by saying this...C"MON PEOPLE GIVE IT A GO!..don't sell yourself short..you'll be amazed at what you can achieved by just trying!!

    *I lied...

    I hope I'm wrong... :p
  13. oh well, there's obviously demand for it. I'm happy to co-ordinate the event,
    unless someone else would like to :)

    I think we need some volunteers for the following positions :)

    1 co-ordinator (me?)
    1 timetabler (work out a sensible schedule for the day)

    1 recruiter (organise owners who want to service their bikes)
    1 accountant (get money from people for parts etc)
    1 parts supplier (buy and bring along oil, filters, etc)

    2 tool suppliers/organisers (work out what we need, find where to
    get them from, and manage them on the day)

    N makeshift mechanics (to present/give advice/help on the day)
    1 liason (contact point for everyone involved)
  14. mechanically-challenged is all about experience really. but you're right,
    its only for people who are willing to learn and have a go themselves.
    this kind of maintenance is fairly straight forward if you understand
    the concepts, especially with some more experienced people around to
    answer questions. :)

    I dont see things to going wrong unless people go out of their depth and
    dont really understand what they're doing. there wont be any pressure
    to get things done, so people can take it easy, work from the service
    manual so they get things right.

    I reckon you can get the stuff you mentioned done in one day, especially
    if lordtb will help you out (he helped with mine - big thanks) :D

    if anyone wants to help out, please PM me
  15. This sounds like a good idea. And I'll be definitely trying my best to make it to this one as I missed the SV one :(
  16. KISS, don't make it complicated. If Joanne Bloggs wants her oil and filter changed, she organises to buy it and bring it to the day.
    If Joe Bloggs wants a new chain and sprocket fitted then they buy it and bring it along on the day. BYO bits is far easier than wasting 1/2 a day sorting out parts.
    Those that need a hand identifying parts can ask for assistance prior to the day.
    Organising it, thats the simple part, talk to DV if they agree then we pick a date and advertise it.
    I'll bring the BBQ to cook for you Androo :)